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About the KCDC website

This website is produced by the Knox County Democratic Committee primarily as an unofficial information resource for Knox County, Maine, Democrats and for politically active individuals generally.

It is not an official record of the Committee's proceedings, resolutions, or stands on issues. It is not an official repository of Committee policies, schedules, bylaws, minutes, or documents. To obtain any of these things, you may contact the Committee secretary. If you are a member of the Committee, you may ask the Secretary to subscribe you to our email list.

This website is edited and produced by the KCDC volunteer webmaster. The current incumbent may be named on our Contact page.

This website is publicly available on the Internet to readers throughout the world.

Our News page contains news of Committee events, state and local political events, and news items from the national press. Selections and commentary on the news page may reflect the liberal bias of the editor, but do not reflect the views of the Committee. Reports of KCDC meeting highlights are the recollections of a person who attended the meeting; they are not the official minutes of the meeting. As a matter of policy, we do not publish official meeting minutes.

Our Bulletin Board/Forum area was a place for your opinions and discussion, but found little interest during its two-year trial period. Our Facebook page now offers a replacement discussion venue. Your participation is encouraged.

Our Calendar area contains events of state and local political interest. Your contributions are requested.

Please contact our webmaster if you have a News item for publication, an event for our Calendar, or a complaint about the website.

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