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Clynk Bottle Redemption Program

KCDC participates in the CLYNK/Hannaford bottle redemption program, which works like this:

  • You put your returnable bottles and cans into a special green bag.
  • The bag has a bar-coded label that identifies it as a KCDC bag.
  • You drop the bag off at a nearby Hannaford store.
  • Ka-ching! KCDC gets the redemption value (minus CLYNK/Hannaford's small fee).

There is no more convenient way to deal with your returnables.

There is no easier way to make a regular contribution to KCDC's coffers.


  • Where do I get the bags?
    Carolyn Foster is the Chef d'Affaires, pro-tem. She usually has bags at our monthly meetings, and has cached pre-labeled bags with the following folks. Please patronize our business friends and ask at the checkout counter for our CLYNK bags. Our residential stockers ask that you please call ahead:
    • Camden: Amy Fischer (236-0616).
    • Camden: Barbara Melchiskey (236-9665), Will deliver! (Camden local)
    • Cushing: Diane Smith (354-8748).
    • Friendship: Bill Michaud (975-0205 or 832-5197).
    • Hope: Adrian Humphreys, 18 Sexton Ave (763-4691).
    • Rockland: Jonathan Frost Gallery and Frame Shop, 279 Main Street, next to the Park Street Grill (harbor side) on the corner of Park Street and Main
    • South Thomaston: Sally Merchant, 9 Merchant's Landing Rd (594-7459)
    • Thomaston: Carmen Lavertu, 43 Beechwood St (354-9556)
    • More to come...
  • Where do I drop them off?
    At an area Hannaford store in:
    • Augusta
    • Belfast
    • Camden
    • Rockland
    • More...

    Sorry, the Waldoboro store doesn't support a CLYNK drop-off yet.

  • What if I can't get the bag to scan at the drop-off?

    No sweat. CLYNK will scan the bag again anyway.

  • How much money can we earn?
    Participants 20
    One bag every 2 weeks 26/yr
    Average bag value $3.50/bag

    Then our gross per year would be about: $1,820.

    (Our net would result from subtracting the cost of each bag (about 15¢), and the small quarterly processing fee.)

  • Is this a tax-deductible donation?


  • Will I feel good about this?

    For sure!

last modified: 07.26.2016

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