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The Committee uses a blast email system to keep in touch with members and others interested in our activities. The system has nearly 1,000 email addresses and is largely automated: it marks your address inactive when email can't be delivered, or when you unsubscribe. If you hit the reply button on an automated message, your message may be seen by a human, but there is no guarantee. The system does not permit email attachments, so everything we send is included in the body of the email.

We usually send at least one email per month to announce our regular monthly meeting. During a busy campaign season, we will send more announcements of get-togethers, fund-raisers, meet-the-candidate activities, and calls for volunteers. To avoid the sense that we are spamming the list, we try to send no more than four emails in a month.

To subscribe to the list, please email our Secretary with your email address, full name, postal address, and phone number. We will only use your email address to send you information about our activities. We will not give your email address to any third party, including the State Committee and Democratic National Committee, without your permission.

To unsubscribe from the list, you can click the link at the bottom of every email, or email our Secretary.

If you are not receiving email from us, and believe that you are subscribed to the list, please check the following:

  • Your mail is hosted at HotMail or Yahoo. These hosts have a propensity for denying mail from servers they suspect are spammers (often without justification). You may be missing other mail as well. Please contact your email host to resolve the issue and/or consider changing email hosts.
  • Your spam mailbox. Your receiving email system may identify our emails as spam, and automatically divert them to a special spam mailbox without your knowledge. if you find KCDC emails there, discuss the issue with your internet service provider (ISP).
  • Your spam filter. Depending on your receiving email system, you can create whitelists of senders from whom you always accept email, and blacklists of senders from whom you never accept email. Be sure that email from is on your whitelist. Your ISP can help you with this. Here's how-to for Gmail.
  • Sender confirmations. Some receiving email systems will screen unfamiliar emails by holding them (grey-listing) until the sender responds to an automated confirmation request. Our emails will not get through to you in this circumstance. Please include us on your whitelist, or discuss with your ISP.
  • Your email storage limits. We frequently see our emails rejected from the receiving email system because the recipient's mailbox is full or over-quota. This can happen if someone has sent you many large photos, or you have gotten out of the habit of deleting old emails. If you are not getting email from anyone, not just KCDC, this may be the issue. Check with your ISP.
  • Your auto-responder settings. If you set your email system to send an auto-response to emails when you are on vacation, please add to your auto-responder's exception list. Your auto-response looks to our automated system like your address is bad, and we may have unsubcsribed you.

If you are being spammed by Democrats, it probably is not KCDC. Please look for the source of the unwanted email before unsubscribing from our list.

last modified: 08.21.2014

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