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Thank you for your interest in the Democratic Party and the Knox County Democratic Committee.

Please fill in the form and click the "submit" button.

Our secretary will follow up with you shortly.

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We will use your email address to send you KCDC news and solicit your help for KCDC events only.
We will not share your email address without your permission.
If you want to share your email address with the Maine State Democratic party, Check here:

Please check the ways you want to help elect Democrats in November

Anything Help make lawn signs Have a truck
Make telephone calls Drive candidates Hold function
Help at HQ - regular shift Help with events Have lawn sale
Help at HQ - fill-in Bring food for events Help with lawn sale
Help with mailings Walk in parades Help on Election Day
Take literature door-to-door Data entry Staff booths at fairs/festivals
Write letters to the editor Put up lawn signs Go door-to-door for candidates
Put a sign on my lawn Help with fundraising  
I can donate
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