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map The Knox County Democratic Committee (KCDC) is a non-profit local arm of the national Democratic Party, serving the citizens of Knox County, Maine. More...

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NEWS!  (updated: 01.23.2017, 14:59)
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Countdown: 1,153 days until Jan 19, 2021

  • Things Can Only Get Worse

    Paul Krugman's 1/23 NYTimes column warns of the threat of alternative facts:

    ...Mr. Trump made big promises during the campaign, so the risk of disillusionment is especially high.

    Will he respond to bad news by accepting responsibility and trying to do better? Will he renounce his fortune and enter a monastery? That seems equally likely.

    No, the insecure egomaniac-in-chief will almost surely deny awkward truths, and berate the media for reporting them. And - this is what worries me - it’s very likely that he’ll try to use his power to shoot the messengers.

    Seriously, how do you think the man who compared the C.I.A. to Nazis will react when the Bureau of Labor Statistics first reports a significant uptick in unemployment or decline in manufacturing jobs? What’s he going to do when the Centers for Disease Control and the Census Bureau report spiking numbers of uninsured Americans?...

  • Orwellian: "Alternative Facts !"

    Go down the rabbit hole with Kellyanne Conway in this interview with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press 1/22/17 (The operative phrase occurs at 4:19 in the video). Straight from the new Ministry of Truth.
  • hope200w   trumpNOPE
  • liberty
    credit: michigan resistance

  • Protest the Presidential Inauguration:

    Jan 21 (Saturday):

  • "How does that conflict with my interest?"

    The Big Orange Liar tried to deflect the ethics bullet aimed at the myriad conflicts-of-interest over his world-wide business entanglements (NYTimes 01/12).

    Brought to mind the Maryland state senator, Joe Staszak, who in the 1970's would not recuse himself from voting over a liquor bill that would directly benefit the tavern he owned in Baltimore. When questioned about the obvious conflict-of-interest, he said: "How does that conflict with my interest?"

    (Staszak was later convicted of mail fraud and racketeering for acts benefitting his bar while serving on the Baltimore Liquor Board. He had transferred his ownership in the bar to his daughter and son-in-law, but prosecutors said that "he was, in fact if not in name, the owner of Joe's Tavern" (see WaPo 06/19/1979)).

  • If you don't know the truth or
    don't care about the truth, aren't you still a liar?

    Andy O'Brien exposes more of LePage's falsehoods in this Free Press article (01/12), and also notes:

    "...And this week the governor finally said that the reason why he’s lost so much weight in the past few months is because he secretly had bariatric surgery on September 29. Said LePage, 'There’s 50 less pounds of me to hate.'"
    [We think you're still full of it, Guv.]

  • "For God’s sake, it's a $45 food package."

    You must read this: Mary Mayhew insists on photo IDs for infant nutrition program and loses $1.4M (Bangor Daily 01/11). It's a story of LePage's continuing war on the poor, logic and common sense be damned.
  • Our January meeting was Tuesday, the 10th.

    We elected KCDC officers and representatives to the state committee to serve until January 2019. The meeting's agenda is here.


    • Chair: Liz Smith
    • Vice Chair: [open]
    • Recording Secretary: Sarah Baldwin
    • Treasurer: Stu Thro
    • Asst Treasurer: Dashiell Marley
    • Corresponding Secretary: Mary Winchell

    State Committee Delegates

    • At Large: Sarah Baldwin
    • At Large: Zachary Annis
    • At Large: Dashiell Marley
    • At Large Alternate: Matthew Annis
    • Alternate to the chair: [open]


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