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NEWS!  from May, 2009. (updated: 09.30.2010, 13:24)
  • The next KCDC meeting is Tuesday, 9 June. Details TBA. There is a new draft of our ByLaws here (605 KB PDF).

  • The May 30 Rally for National Health Care was attended by some 200 folks, led by by Pat LaMarche, Jerry Call, Ed Mazurek and others, at the Capitol building in Augusta to support HR 676, a bill to provide improved Medicare for all citizens. This bill would provide single-payer healthcare and end reliance on the for-profit insurance industry.

    The organizers put on a brave face, but by any measure, the turnout was disappointing. More folks show up for a third-rate high school basketball game.

    Really, if we are going to join civilized nations in the administration of health-care in this country, we need to get more folks to turn out for events like this.

    Keep in touch: Maine health care reform.. and also here.
  • Fear: 90; Reason: 6. The U. S. Senate voted (05/20) against appropriating funds to close the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Republican fear-mongers have been running this ad, giving new meaning to NIMBY and striking fear of electability into the hearts of politicians of every stripe. Strong stomach? see the same video with Sean Hannity and Oliver North (Yes, Ollie is still the Republicans' Mr. Security).
  • Oops, maybe the carrot is really a lemon? "Health Care Leaders Say Obama Overstated Their Promise to Control Costs." NYTimes 05/15 article... and Paul Krugman on the Blue Double Cross (NYTimes 05/21).
  • Jerry Call arrested in D.C.! At least seven doctors, nurses and other protesters were escorted from Sen. Baucus' hearing on health care reform Tuesday (05/12), with our Jerry Call (now released from jail (05/13)) among them. More here...

    Today's quiz (chooose one): Has Sen. Baucus invited
    (a) any single-payer advocates to speak at the hearings? (b) any insurance company representives?

    Good job, Senator. To solve health care, let's arrest the nurses?!

    One of our alert readers pointed to this Washington Post article (05/23) on Max Baucus, saying,
    ...This was front page on Saturday.  Note that single-payer is not mentioned, although a government-sponsored option is.  Also not mentioned are his huge campaign contributions from insurance and drug firms.  The many comments in general slam the piece for these omissions.  I get that the piece is about relationships and inside politics, but I am still stunned by the distortion it puts to what we think of as the real story.
    The article refers to this white paper by Baucus (88 page PDF download).
  • Medical-Industrial complex offers carrot. Six major industry players have sent a letter to President Obama offering to control health care costs, presumably in exchange for Obama's dropping the government-provided insurance option. NYTimes economist Paul Krugman says (05/11), "...there’s every reason to be cynical about these players' motives. Remember that what the rest of us call health care costs, they call income..." more here...
  • Global Warming taken up by Congress as HR 1683, Clean Environment and Stable Energy Market Act of 2009 (bill text here). NYTimes commentary here. Everyone, especially skeptics, should read Gwynne Dyer's book, Climate Wars, to sharpen perspectives on how serious a threat climate change is, and how poorly equipped we are politically to deal with it.
  • Baldacci signs the bill ! (05/06)
    Maine House passes Bill to End Marriage Discrimination. On Tuesday, 05/05, the House voted 89 to 57 in favor. See the Roll Calls here. Join the discussion on our forum.
  • Maine Senate passes Bill to End Marriage Discrimination. On Thursday, 04/30, the Senate voted 20 to 15 in support. The House of Representatives will take up the bill on Tuesday, 05/05, where is expected to pass also. The bill sponsored by Senator Dennis Damon had over 3,000 people in attendance at the April 22nd hearing. Supporters outnumbered opponents by four-to-one according to the Bangor Daily News. The text of LD1020 is here. Now brace for an attempt at a "people's veto" by the opponents.
  • Please, not again, Mary! Republican Mary Adams continues her apparently endless fight against the idea of representative government with yet another Tax Payer Bill of Rights citizen petition. Looks like it's headed for the November ballot for the second time in three years. How many times we gotta tell you, Mary? We don't want to run the state by referendum. Bangor Daily News (04/17) article here.
  • An Act To Establish a Single-payer Health Care System co-sponsored by Rep Hannah Pingree and 21 others in the Maine legislature on April 2nd. Full text of LD1365.
  • Health care discussion is starting on our forum. Follow this link to join in.

    Read this NYTimes story (04/04/09) on "Getting a Health Policy When You’re Already Sick" to know how broken our current healthcare system is. Moral of the the American healthcare story: Don't lose your job; Don't get sick.

  • Speaking of our Forum... We were spammed heavily over the last couple of weeks, with some irrelevent material getting posted. We installed an improved spam and robot blocker system on 04/21 which seems to be working (so far), and makes registration easier than it was. If you were offended or put off by the spam, please come back.
  • Organizing for America: Camden. Sunday, March 29, volunteers called fellow Mainers, asked them to pledge to support Obama's agenda, and to call their representatives in Washington to encourage them to support Obama's budget.  It emphasizes three critical components at the heart of our country's future: energy, health care and education.
  • What's CSA? It's Community Supported Agriculture; a way to support local agriculture, small farms, and local farmers. Shrink your carbon footprint and join a CSA! Hatchet Cove Farm delivers fresh vegetables to subscribers every Sunday in Rockland. Visit their website to learn more about them and the CSA program or call them at 273-3044. They have expanded their farm this year, and there are still spaces available.
  • Mass. Health Care Lessons: Read this Columbia Journalism Review article (1st in a series) before you endorse the Obama plan. Keep in touch with Jerry Call's MidCoast Healthcare Reform group and, too.
  • Health Care, Energy, Education Pledge: You can support President Obama's plan for health care, energy and education by signing the Organizing for America pledge.
  • KCDC Public Service Committee. Anyone interested in this committee – whether to work on the steering committee or to participate in activities that the committee may target - please email Judy Smith at
  • Committee assignments are posted on our Contact Us page.
  • More memories of Pat Richie at Village Soup (3/07), with several new pictures of Pat.
  • KCDC email subscribers: If your email address has changed because of the Verizon/Fairpoint debacle (or for any reason), you may have missed our last meeting announcement. Please contact our secretary to update your record (Use this also if you are not a subscriber, but would like to be). If your original email address still works, and you want to update your record automatically, please follow this link which will send you confirming email with updating instructions.

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    To be sure of the latest news of meetings and events, please rely on the web site and your network of KCDC friends.

    If you suspect you are not receiving our email, please rule out causes 1 - 3 first, then email our secretary.

  • Well, if Rush Limbaugh isn't running the Republican party, Ann Telnaes doesn't know why. Click the image for a laugh with one of her recent animated cartoons (Washington Post, 03/04/09).
  • How's the Bailout going? If you can laugh about it, try this link.
  • Talk Politics! on this web site's forum. This is an interactive Forum where we can exchange ideas, alert others to news items, set up meetings, and just talk issues. Hugh Magbie has started some threads - click the Forum: Talk Politics item at the bottom of the menu to browse the discussions, then register to post your own comments.

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