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NEWS2009  from Sep/Oct 2009. (updated: 09.30.2010, 13:25)
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    Vote on Tuesday, Nov 3rd (or earlier by absentee ballot). Polling places and times by town: (Click here for the issues.)

    Town Voting Place Voting Address Time
    Appleton Town Office 2915 Sennebec Rd 8-8
    Camden Public Safety Bldg 31 Washington St 8-8
    Cushing Fire Station 38 Cross St 10-8
    Friendship Hahn Center
    Hope Town Office 441 Camden Rd 10-8
    North Haven Town Office Town Office Square 10-8
    Owls Head Community Bldg 224 Ash Point Dr 10-8
    Rockland City Hall 270 Pleasant St 8-8
    Rockport Town Office 101 Main St 8-8
    Saint George Town Office 3 School St 10-8
    South Thomaston Municipal Bldg 125 Spruce Head Rd 10-8
    Thomaston Legion Hall 10 Watts Ln 10-8
    Union Town Office 567 Common Rd 10-8
    Vinalhaven Town Office 19 Washington School Rd 9-8
    Warren Masonic Hall 103 Camden Rd 10-8
    Washington Town Office 40 Old Union Rd 10-8
  • Climate Action Day, Saturday Oct 24th. Local events in Camden and Belfast. See our calendar for details.
  • Rep. Andy O'Brien (Hope, Appleton) discusses LD 290 here, an act to allow out-of-state health insurance companies into Maine. Why are Republicans opposed to consumer protection laws and insurance industry regulation?
  • Senate committee votes for Health Care Plan. Maine's Senator Snowe is the only Republican in favor. Will she vote in favor on a floor vote? Analysis here from the Washington Post 10/13.
  • Working Girls performance on 10/30 in Camden to benefit Midcoast for Marriage Equality's; No on One campaign. See our calendar for details.
  • Our last KCDC meeting was Tuesday, October 13 at Stella Maris House, Rockland. The agenda is here. Meeting report real soon now.
  • Obama Health Care Plan. Maine Democratic Committee's Julian Federle sent us this document (114 kb pdf) to back up your arguments in support of the President's plan.
  • Rep. Michaud clarifies his health care position in this set of communications (164 kb pdf) sent to us by his chief of staff, Peter Chandler.
  • Organizing for America, local phone bank for Health Reform. Every Wednesday evening: 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., 101 Chestnut Street, Camden. See the Calendar for details.
  • Single-payer advocate Dr. Phil Caper participated in our KCDC healthcare forum in the spring. Recently interviewed by WERU, Dr. Caper speaks beyond the sound bites and narrow vision of current politics when he lists what needs to be done to truly solve the healthcare crisis:
    • Provide affordable access
    • Restructure the method of compensating providers (i.e. not fee-for-service)
    • Get rid of for profit culture in healthcare
    Listen to the interview here.
  • Energy Forum September 30th. See the Calendar for details.
  • Senator Snowe on heath care. The New Yorker (09/21) says, the filibuster-hobbled Senate the fate of reform may come down to the whims of a tiny handful of preening moderates from states that are mostly empty of people, notably the Democratic chairman of the Finance Committee, Max Baucus, of Montana, and Olympia Snowe, Republican of Maine. ... Here's the New York Times video interview (09/17) with her nibs.
  • Steve Rowe cookout, Wednesday, Sep 16th. Details here.
  • New Health Care Rallies scheduled. See our Calendar.
  • Our last KCDC meeting was Tuesday, September 8th. Hugh Magbie elected Chair. More details rsn. The agenda is here.
  • 5 Myths about health care around the world. This 8/23 Washington Post article caught our eye when it was reprinted recently in the Bangor Daily. It arms you with facts about how other nations handle heath care. Maine libraries will have Reid's new soon-to-be published book, The Healing of America.
  • David Brooks comments (NYT 09/03) on the current health reform mess: ...efforts to expand coverage marched ahead, but efforts to fundamentally reform the system got watered down.

    Instead of true reform we got a series of bills that essentially cement the present system in place...

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