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NEWS from November 2009. (updated: 09.30.2010, 13:25)
  • Our Next Meeting is Tuesday, December 8th at Stella Maris House in Rockland. Potluck at 6:00 p.m., business meeting at 7:00. The agenda is here.
  • 11/21: Senate Votes to Open Health Care Debate. Wow, agreeing to talk about it is a momentous occasion. NYTimes story here, says, approval is far from certain as debate will drag on through December and the early part of next year. The Senate bill is called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Read all 2,074 pages of the bill here, and compare the House and Senate bills here.
  • 2010 Governor's Race is getting crowded, with 21 candidates (all parties). We have the list here.
  • Congressmen speak with one voice! The NYTimes reports (11/14) that the voice belongs to Genentech's lobbyists. Multiple entries in the Congressional Record are verbatim texts supplied by the drug company. ...42 House members picked up some of its talking points — 22 Republicans and 20 Democrats, an unusual bipartisan coup for lobbyists.
  • Banking and finance controls unlikely before year's end. The chairman [Christopher Dodd] of the Senate banking committee proposed a financial overhaul on Tuesday that included consolidating bank regulators, creating a consumer financial protection agency and imposing new restraints on exotic financial instruments and credit rating agencies. according to the NYTimes (11/10).

    More bad news on the Maine budget. Gov. John Baldacci has ordered the preparation on an executive order to curtail state spending as state revenues continue to fall below estimates with Finance Commissioner Ryan Low expecting the revenue shortfall now will range between $300 million and $400 million for the two-year budget. reported the Bangor Daily News (11/13).

  • We’re better than this. This isn’t about government. It’s about who we are as a people, said David White of Bar Harbor, quoted in this article in the NYTimes (11/10), Maine Finds a Health Care Fix Elusive.
  • Keep track of the opposition at Right Wing Watch...

    ...or go directly to (former House majority leader) Dick Armey's group, FreedomWorks, to see how the party of NO! organizes.

    ...or check out the route of the Tea Party Express with links to other nutty sites on their sponsor page.

    ...or visit the GOP Healthcare (oxymoron?) website.

    ...and enjoy a tidbit from a fount of Republication reason: Nearly every important office in Washington, D.C., today is occupied by someone with an aggressive dislike for our heritage, our freedom, our history and our Constitution. Dick Armey, as quoted in this NYTimes article.

  • Our last KCDC meeting was Tuesday, 10 November at Stella Maris House, Rockland. The meeting agenda is here.

    Business issues included:

    • Treasurer Mike Dunn's recent hospitalization, and appointment of Stu Thro as Assistant Treasurer.
    • Chairman Magbie's call for committee volunteers, especially for Nominating, Events Planning, and Strategic Planning.
    • Call for candidates for State Committee representative.
    • Discussion of last Tuesday's state-wide referendum ballot, with emphasis on our No on One campaign.
    • Discussion of last month's resolution on a Bylaws change regarding approval of expenditures. (The resolution actually referred the issue to the Bylaws committee, without recommendation.)
    • Mike Lane mentioned the Technology Committee's interest in MySpace and Twitter.

    Sarah Bigney spoke as a representative of the Maine Fair Trade Campaign (MFTC), a coalition of 53 labor, environmental, family farm, community and low-income groups working to promote global fair trade.

    The thrust of her remarks was that unfair trade policies, in the guise of international free trade agreements, lead to a race to the bottom. This exploits and undermines workers in every market, as large corporations move their operations to countries with the lowest wages and poorest worker and environmental protections.

    This link is to her September 2008 talk at the University of Maine. More info on Ms. Bigney here. Contact her at

      Erin Herbig Povec spoke on Change that Works, particularly about current health insurance legislation in Congress. Her summary of the recent House effort, HR 3962:

    • Affordable coverage and lower medical costs.
    • An end to discrimination in coverage and pricing for pre-existing medical conditions.
    • No dropped coverage if you become sick.
    • No co-pays for preventive care.
    • Limits on out-of-pocket expenses.
    • No lifetime caps on what insurance companies pay.
    • More choices with access to a new Health Insurance Exchange marketplace, including a public health insurance option.
    • Affordability credits to help Americans and small businesses buy coverage.
    • Young people can stay on their parents' insurance up to their 27th birthday.

    Erin has a brief bio on this page (scroll 1/2-way down the page). Contact her at

  • ann telnaes on health care Is this the best we can do? This Ann Telnaes' animation tries to wring a laugh out of the current congressional effort.

    This two-week old (10/24) Washington Post article optimistically discusses efforts to include a Public Option. Does your health insurance cover whiplash?

    Here's a letter from Rep. Dennis Kucinich on the fate of the Single-Payer bill HR 676.

    House passes health care bill (11/07), HR 3962: Affordable Health Care for America Act. According to the NYTimes, Reps Pingree and Michaud voted yes on the bill featuring mandatory insurance, subsidies to help moderate-income people buy insurance from private companies or from a government insurance plan. It would also set up a national insurance exchange where people could shop for coverage. Read the 1990 page bill here.

  • Sarah Palin is always a hoot. You've read about her upcoming book (Going Rogue: An American Life), the book tour (skipping directly to the heartland), the interviews (Limbaugh, Hannity et al, Oprah, and Barbara Walters(!)), and the advance ($1.25 million).

    But did you know about Going Rouge: An American Nightmare, which despite the mocking title, is apparently a serious critique? More at The Huffington Report....


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