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NEWS from April 2010 (updated: 09.30.2010, 13:15)
  • Department of clarification: A misunderstanding recently arose over the publication of the highlights of our last meeting. Consequently, we have added to the site, at the bottom of the main menu, a disclaimer. In short, this website is an unofficial resource for news and information helpful to Knox County Democrats. We do not publish the minutes of KCDC meetings.
  • Special Meeting, Tues, April 27 to elect delegates and alternates to attend the State Convention, May 21 and 22. We have many vacancies to fill. To attend the convention you must be a registered Democrat in Knox County.

    The meeting is at Stella Maris House, Rockland, at 6:00 PM. If you can't attend the meeting, but wish to be a delegate, please contact the Chair before the meeting at or 273- 3609. If you were elected at your town caucus in February you are already a delegate and don't need to attend the meeting.

    Hugh says, The cost of the convention is $38 and it's well worth the money....celebrate being Democrats in Maine, learn about Gubernatorial candidates and debate and endorse the party platform. We will work together and enjoy one another at parties and gatherings. Together we will listen to a well-known keynote speaker and we will have an opportunity to get to know or reconnect with Democrats from all over the state, as well as our elected officials, as we begin the process of selecting the next Democratic Governor to the State of Maine.

  • Earth Day is April 22. We've added some new environment links on our links page (including a couple to the sites of those who still think climate change is a hoax).
  • James O'Haverty upbeat update. Elizabeth writes:

    Good morning dear people.

    We've just been to see The Man, who, after seeing J's latest test results and talking with J's doctors up here, was much more encouraging than last visit. Our surgery date is May 5th (Cinqo de Mayo! Dr. Buchanan assured us there would be no tequila in the O.R..) After surgery James will spend a couple of days in the ICU, then another week at Maine Medical before being transferred to rehab up here.

    Thanks to our dear and generous friends, the Mays, I will have a comfortable and comforting place to stay in Portland within easy walking distance Maine Med.. Everyone is feeling quite cheerful and upbeat, but please do keep us in your prayers.

    Thank you all for your love and support. Stay tuned.

    OOXOO e & j

  • Check 'em out.
    • Our revised Gubernatorial candidate list. On the primary ballot we're down to five Dems (plus one write-in), and seven Republicans. Michael Heath teased us with a two-day run as an unenrolled candidate; we hoped to see his futile effort draining a few votes from the Republican candidate in November.
    • New events in our Calendar. Keep up to date and let the webmaster know about new events.

  • Our last KCDC meeting was Tuesday, April 13th at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The agenda is here. Unofficial meeting highlights (disclaimer).:
    • We observed a moment of silence to mark the passing of Tom Bertocci. A formal service is Saturday 17 April, 11:00 a.m., Thomaston Baptist Church.
    • Several members described their experiences in Portland to greet President Obama on April 1st, including Leroy Peasley, Diane Smith, Diana Beach, and Hugh Magbie.
    • Weatherization: Beedy Parker and Carmen LaVertu introduced and the Green Sneakers project (see our May calendar for details). Tracy Rescigno reported that their event, Turning up the Heat was a successful fund-raiser.
    • Guest speaker Donna Dion introduced herself as a Democratic write-in candidate for governor in the June 8th primary.
    • The chair put trackers on notice: (1) no recording of the session without notice (2) only registered Democrats elected to the KCDC may vote in matters brought before the body.
    • Approval of the minutes of the meeting of 9 February was again postponed. The member protesting those minutes was not in attendance and had not submitted a written list of objections, but the body agreed to postpone further discussion as a courtesy to that member.
    • The matter of running our meetings under a simplified set of rules was referred to the Bylaws Committee. Some members feel that Robert's Rules of Order is too large and unwieldy to effectively moderate our meetings.
    • Some minor amendments were made to our recently enacted policy for assisting candidates in a contested primary election. Our existing Candidate Search Committee was tasked with recommending a funding policy for Knox County candidates not running under clean election funding.
    • The state party convention is May 21 - 23. Town chairs have been asked to recommend individuals to fill delegate vacancies. Chair Hugh Magbie must make appointments to fill vacancies by 20 April, and asks everyone to talk it up. Mike Mayo seeks volunteers to man the KCDC convention booth.
    • Fund raising is a real problem for us this year. With many Gubernatorial primary candidates asking for support, donor fatigue is real. Unless an organizer is found very soon, probably our Haskell-Mayo fund raiser will not be held this year. Our Thomaston 4th is always successful, but it needs a leader!
    • The state party Platform was briefly discussed. Carmen LaVertu offered amended language for Section G - Global Peace, Security and Justice, that would put more reliance on a strengthened Department of State and less reliance on the Department of Defense. Because the state party rules require that amendments be offered at least two weeks prior to the convention, our May meeting has been moved one week earlier than normal to May 4th, to allow discussion of the Platform.
    • Bob Baker announced that a grievance has been brought to the state committee against several members, the Chair, and the body as a whole. Confidentiality rules mean that the substance of the grievance was not aired. There was no satisfactory answer to the question why wasn't the grievance brought before the county committee first, or referred to the county committee by the state party. Discussion was heated and un-enlightening.

  • A Revised Platform for the state party has been reported by the Platform Committee. We have two PDF documents for review: one is marked-up to show revisions from the 2008 platform, the other is a clean copy of the final report without the markup. The time for proposing amendments expires fourteen days before the State Convention on May 21-22. Our May meeting would normally fall on the 11th, so the April meeting would be our last chance for formal review.

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