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NEWS  from May 2010 (updated: 09.30.2010, 13:16)
  • ATTENTION! Our June meeting will be June 15th, one week later than usual, due to Election Day falling on the 8th. Usual time and place; agenda TBA.
  • 05/07 Update on James O.

    Great news, dear ones! Sam May and I went to visit James in his ICU room, only to be told that he had been transferred to a regular room on the first floor! So, after some post surgery bleeding problems, he is now well on his way to full recovery. He still is hooked up six ways from Sunday, and is wearing an oxygen mask, but looking amazingly well considering he’s only about 48 hours out of the operating room, and that he was totally out of it and looking not -so -good just yesterday.

    He said this morning he remarked to the nurse that he maybe had changed his mind about having the operation - and was most surprised to find out he’s already had it. He says he’s been seeing a lot of horses and many, many crows. They weren’t bothering him - just all over the house, acting like horses and crows, and maybe getting in his way a bit. Interesting totems, no? Anyway, all is looking good this end. I’ll most probably be heading home tomorrow.

    Stay tuned. Love to you all - and thank you, as always, for your good wishes and prayers. OXO e

  • James O'Haverty update. Elizabeth writes:

    Great news! Dr. Buchanan just came in to say that James' surgery went really well. He now has a cow's valve. Dr. B only had to bypass two arteries, the third was not nearly as blocked as he had thought. His liver is behaving well, and the concern about bleeding is unfounded - in fact he seems to be clotting well.

    So we'll be able to see him in about half an hour. He'll still be asleep of course, and probably looking pretty horrible - which is normal. But Dr. B says he came through like a champ. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

    Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes. They worked!

    Love to you all. OXO e
  • Our last KCDC meeting was a week earlier than usual, on Tuesday, May 4th, at Stella Maris House, Rockland. The meeting date was moved up to permit discussion and amendments to the platform prior to the Maine Democratic Party convention on May 21 - 22. The agenda is here. The platform document is here (the same doc marked up with revisions from 2008 is here). Carmen LaVertu had offered some amended language at our last meeting. Unofficial meeting highlights (disclaimer):
    • We signed a get-well card for James O'Haverty who is at Maine Medical Center for heart surgery.
    • The Chair announced Tracy Rescigno's resignation as recording secretary. He thanked her for her service to a round of applause. Traci is off to India for several months on a new job.
    • We approved several motions to amend the State Party Platform offered by Carmen LaVertu, Carolyn Foster, and Adrian Humphreys, voted some down, and had discussion that covered many areas of the Platform.
    • We finally approved the minutes of the February 9 meeting!
    • The candidate search committee announced funding for our County Commissioner candidate (Carol Maines) and our Judge of Probate candidate (Sarah Ruef-Lindquist).
    • Mike Mayo asked for ideas for political buttons to be sold at the state convention. Rowdy is okay. (
    • The Chair again appealed for a volunteer to chair our very important Fund-Raising and Budget Committee.
    • Diana Beach announced an Organizing for America Meeting (OFA), May 6, 6:00 p.m., at 88 Main St., Thomaston. The goal is structuring the get out the vote effort for the mid-term election.
    • Mike Mayo pointed out that all Knox County towns except Owls Head have KCDC member vacancies which can be filled by the respective town chair.
    • The MDP grievance committee will have a hearing May 15th at noon at party headquarters in Augusta. KCDC members may attend.

  • The Maine Democratic Party convention is May 21 and 22 in Lewiston. A special KCDC meeting was held on April 27 to fill many of our delegate vacancies. Delegates should pre-register at the convention web page.

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