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KCDC 2010 Campaign Headquarters
193 Park St. Suite B   Rockland, Maine 04841
(Left-hand side of the big red building)
10 am to 7 pm weekdays and Saturdays; noon to 6 pm on Sundays.


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NEWS!  from October 2010 (updated: 01.06.2011, 12:19)

  • GET OUT TO VOTE!!! and encourage your neighbor to do so too!

    This is the only poll that counts.

    Here's our 2010 Voting Guide to Who, What, When and Where.

  • Events, events, events! Meet the candidates, support the candidates, have fun. Check out the October calendar.
  • Our last KCDC meeting was Tuesday, Oct 12 at Stella Maris house, Rockland. The meeting agenda is here.
  • Rockport Fund-raiser, October 14th. Hannah Pingree sent us this announcement from the Maine House Democrats.
  • bookReinventing Maine Government is the title of a new report by Envision Maine. The Bangor Daily News thinks one of its good ideas is for a Smaller Better Legislature. See the BDN editorial here, and the complete Envision Maine report here.
  • Camden candidate reception, October 6th. Meet Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, Donna Dennison, and Joan Welsh. more...
  • Lawn signs! Libby Mitchell's will be available Monday, Oct 4 at Headquarters. Chellie Pingree is organizing volunteers to put up signs on Saturday, Oct 9 (meet at our Rockland HQ). Get signs for our County candidates as well.
  • Union Debate report: Sponsored by the Union Chamber of Commerce, the debate featured opening statements by the participating candidates, followed by a reading of prepared statements submitted by candidates who could not attend, then questions asked by the moderator. Our legislative team featured Lisa Miller (House district 52) and Andrew O'Brien (House district 44), whose presentations and answers were thoughtful, articulate and warmly delivered. Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, our Judge of Probate candidate, introduced herself briefly at the beginning (JOP candidates did not participate in the debate). Although billed as a debate, rebuttals were not allowed. The event was well-moderated and civil.
  • Our Old-fashioned Farm Picnic on Tuesday afternoon (9/28) was a complete success. Lee Webb reports attendance was 125 and the weather held until Libby Mitchell had completed her informal address.
  • Republican gubernatorial candidate a major embarrassment.
    • A Bangor Daily News editorial (09/28) says, By showing a hostile disinterest in whether his own proposals make sense fiscally or otherwise, he is a risky choice for this state's leader. more...
    • He says he's ...about ready to punch [reporter] A. J. Higgins... and will ...tell Obama to go to Hell... (BDN 09/29) more...
    • Mark Ellis, a 2-time chairman of the Maine GOP endorsed independent gubernatorial candidate Shawn Moody. more...

  • Sarah Ruef-Lindquist's opponent misleads voters. This letter in the Herald Gazette exposes Emery's record of poor decision-making as the incumbent Knox County Judge of Probate.

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