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NEWS!  from Nov/Dec 2010 (updated: 01.06.2011, 12:19)

  • Over $5 million spent by top three 2010 gubernatorial campaigns, and this doesn't include expenditures by independent advocacy groups. MPBN has the report , including...

    "...The Maine branch of the Republican Governors' Association, for example, raised over $1.8 million this year... Of this ... more than a million went towards advertisements related to Maine's governor's race.

    "...Among the donors were many major pharmaceutical firms, Astrazeneca, Pfizer, Amgen, Glaxo Smith Klein and their industry association, Phrma, together gave something on the order of three quarters of a million dollars...

    "...The largest single contribution to the RGA in Maine--about $344,000--came from drug giant Astrazeneca.

    "...Another major contributor was the Corrections Corporation of America--the group that wants to build a private prison in Maine--which gave $25,000 to the Maine RGA...

    You can find the independent expenditure reports here.

    Follow the money as the Le Page administration develops policy.

  • Our last meeting was Tuesday, December 14th, at Stella Maris House in Rockland.

    The meeting agenda is here.

    Thanks to Mike Mayo for the foundations of our holiday supper of baked ham and veggy beans, and to those who brought salads, deserts and supporting dishes.

    Mentioned at the meeting:
    • The new Republican-controlled Maine House's elimination of the Labor Committee.
    • Kathie Johnson's good spirits in her continuing health battle.
    • Detailed review of our finances for the year.
    • Inventory of KCDC supplies and equipment.
    • KCDC's November election success vs. other counties.
    • Performance of the Maine Democratic Party organization, and January election of a new Chair.
    • Why Democrats lost the Maine legislature; was it the tax plan?
    • Election of new KCDC officers in January; nominating committee formed comprising Ed Mazurek, Amy Fisher, Bonnie Post, Chuck Kruger.
    • Thank-you and year-end contribution to Stella Maris House for hosting our meetings.

  • Robert W. Nutting (R-Oakland) was sworn in as the 100th Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives on December 1, 2010. He is serving his 6th term in the Maine House of Representatives.

    The Bangor Daily News archive on Mr. Nutting documents his adventures as a businessman-pharmacist, including his owing the state and federal government $1.6 million in overcharges, of which $1.2 million remains unpaid.

    The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting has more.

  • Lost and Found: during cleanup at our (now closed) Rockland Election Headquarters.

    1 pair of women's eye glasses (tri-focals)
    Call Bonnie @ 594-9263 to retrieve them.

  • Obama's Tax Compromise fostered three interesting opinions from NYTimes commentators this week:

    David Brooks compares Network Liberals and Cluster liberals. He calls it a very good week for the Pres.

    Gail Collins suggests that Congressional Democrats should chill now, when they were too timid to bring up the tax cut issue before the November elections.

    Paul Krugman thinks Obama is ...paying for the release of some hostages... and that he has given ...Republicans new hostages, which they may well use to make new, destructive demands a year from now.


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