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NEWS!  from June 2011 (updated: 07.01.2011, 19:30)  Previous month's news

  • AmericanFlagThomaston 4th. Amy Fischer and Diane Smith are organizing our place in the Thomaston 4th of July Parade. More info here. Be there or be square!
  • The Maine People's Alliance has joined with 18 other groups, including the Maine League of Women Voters and the Maine Civil Liberties Union, to petition for a People's Veto of LD 1376, the attempt to eliminate same day voter registration in Maine. They have set up a website to sign up volunteers to collect petition signatures. To get the issue onto this November's ballot, we will need 57,000+ signatures by August 8th.

    MPA has wisely decided against a petition to veto LD 1333, the health insurance industry deregulation bill, judging that we do not have the financial resources to fight the insurance industry.

    The Bangor Daily News has more...

  • On the National scene:
  • Our last meeting was Tuesday, June 14th, at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The agenda is here. Download the approved Bylaws changes in MS Word format here.

    Meeting highlights:
    • Kate Simmons, Rep. Chellie Pingree's campaign manager, spoke about Chellie's work in Washington. Bemoaning our party's minority status, Chellie was reported to have said, early in the session, "...I was able to vote in favor of renaming a Post Office in Nebraska. It's been downhill ever since..."
    • We continue to search for a chair of our fund-raising committee.
    • The Chair reported from last month's meeting of the state party (MDP):
      • MDP declined to officially support a referendum on the LD 1333, the health insurance deregulation bill, for strategic reasons.
      • Courts have mandated redistricting prior to the 2012 elections
      • Sale of the Augusta headquarters building is under consideration.
    • Diane Smith and Amy Fischer reported enthusiastically on the plans for the Thomaston 4th of July parade.
    • Planning for a thank-you-legislators supper was postponed to the July meeting.
    • We voted:
      • financial support for Thomaston 4th of July festivities.
      • financial support for our August 20 Lobster Bake fundraiser.
      • to approve changes to the Bylaws.
      • to approve the strategic plan and to discuss at each meeting.
      • to approve the biennial budget.
      • financial support for Lee Webb's Union picnic/fundraiser.
      • to support a political booth at the Thomaston 4th of July fest in coordination with The Monday Morning Meeting group (OFA).

  • LD 1333 will overturn health insurance regulation in Maine. The Maine People's Alliance is proposing a people's veto of the bill, but strategically this may be a bad move since:
    (1) A referendum campaign will bring out the big money from the insurance industry which we would be unable to match, resulting in a certain loss at the polls. (2) Holding our fire will allow us to use the issue against the Republicans during the legislative campaign in 2012.
  • Voting day registration overturned in Augusta (LD 1376). From the Pingree campaign:

    Last week, statehouse Republicans spearheaded and passed a bill to eliminate same-day voter registration in Maine. Governor LePage is expected to sign this repeal of a 37-year old Maine tradition into law this week.

    Last year over 60,000 Mainers registered to vote on election day, and once again we had one of the highest turnouts in the county. In the decades that this law has been in place it has been linked to just one case of voter fraud. But statehouse Republican legislators seem to be taking a page from a conservative national playbook and have repealed this law, making it harder for working Mainers to make their voices heard.

    Chellie spoke with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Monday night about the Republicans efforts to undermine voters rights. Watch the video here.

  • LePage Protest, Friday June 17, 6:00 p.m., Rockport High School. The Gov is having one of his local meetings in the Mid-coast. Cynthia Dill and the Maine Majority (61% who voted against LePage) is organizing the protest. More here in her email blast.

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