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NEWS!  from August 2012 (updated: 09.10.2012, 17:34)  Previous month's news

  • KCDC Headquarters is in Rockland at 66 Maverick Street, directly across the street from Hannaford's.

    Our regular hours are

    • Mon - Fri: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    • Saturday: 9:00 - 3:00
    • Sunday: Noon - 6:00

    The HQ phone is 594-0075.

    Thursdays we are often open until 8:00 p.m. for phone-banking.

    We have lawn signs for local and national candidates, bumper stickers, lapel pins, and candidate literature.

    Volunteers are always welcome to staff HQ, participate in the phone banks, and later in the season, prepare mailings. Contact Bonnie: 594-9263 or email .

  • Republican Convention Roundup
    • David Brooks (NYTimes 08/29) finds the "Real Romney" ;-) .
      ....Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947, in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Virginia and several other swing states. He emerged, hair first, believing in America, and especially its national parks. He was given the name Mitt, after the Roman god of mutual funds, and launched into the world with the lofty expectation that he would someday become the Arrow shirt man....

  • Charlie created at least one job. According to this BDN article (08/22),
    ...As Maine's secretary of state, Summers added a "small business advocate" in his office which his campaign website says shows how "investing in small businesses will create jobs and strengthen our economy."

    If elected, Summers states he will "introduce legislation that will create a national small business advocate, just like the one I successfully lobbied for in Maine who has already saved Maine businesses from undue state regulators."

    ... While Summers boasts the program is a job creator, in the 10 months it has been in operation, records show few if any new jobs can be directly attributed to the work of the business advocate...

    It looks like the only job Charlie created is the "small business advocate" in his office which costs the state $84,000 annually. (And where did he get the cardboard cutouts standing behind him in this pic? (photo credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik)

  • Single-Payor health care was a "hair's breadth away" for Maine in 2001 writes Sara Stalman in this BDN 08/22 Op Ed, The politics of health care, but it put
    ...Maine in the sights of those monied interests still working to undermine health care reform. In 2002, the National Heritage Foundation arrived in the guise of the Maine Heritage Policy Center. Pouring money from around the country into our state, those interests continue to dominate Maine electoral politics — underwriting, for example, the candidacy of now-Gov. LePage.

    See the text of the 120th legislature's LD-1277 here.

  • Our favorite on-line source for Statehouse news is turning the lights down. Gerald Weinand says:
    ...Unfortunately, after many weeks of contemplation and behind the scenes work, I’ve come to realize that I can no longer participate in any sort of regular basis on the blog. I spend upwards of 40 hours a week running it, plus additional time monitoring other sites of import to Maine politics. I’ve been doing this essentially for free since earlier this year -

    I can no longer afford to maintain this sort of commitment. After the Labor Day weekend, I will only act as a caretaker to this site....
    [more at Dirigo Blue]
  • Our annual John Syrett Lobster Bake fundraiser was a winner on Saturday, August 18th, at the Wexler home on the shores of Penobscot Bay.

    A fun event, a chance to gather with friends, meet leadership folks in a casual setting, few speeches, it was also an excuse to bolster our election year funds.

    This year, in addition to Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, guests included Congressman Barney Frank, who spoke before the meal, and former Maine State Housing Authority Director Dale McCormick, who spoke after the meal.

    You can still contribute to our general fund through our friends at Act Blue.

    lobster bake
    A perfect day at the 2011 Lobster Bake
    (click for next image)

    Thanks to Bonnie, Stu, Carolyn, Mike and all the volunteers who put this event together!

  • clynkOur CLYNK bottle redemption program has been underway for several months. It's a win-win for you and KCDC; you get quick, hassle-free drop-off of returnables, KCDC gets the redemption value. More on our new CLYNK page...
  • Our August meeting was Tuesday, the 14th, at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The agenda is here. Highlights of the meeting:
    • Andrew Bossie of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections spoke of their support of a constitutional amendment to assert: (1) Paid political speech is different from an individual's Free Speech, (2) A definition of incorporated entities and their role in elections, and (3) That the federal and state governments must be able to regulate the raising and spending of campaign funds.
    • Maria Millard, mid-coast rep for the Maine House Democratic Campaign Committee reported that the Committee has a three month head start on 2010, and that our candidates have visited twice the households this season to date vs. 2010. Help is needed, especially with letters to the editor, supporting candidates with driving, and 9/30 Camden canvassing.
    • Our Lobster Festival parade was a huge success, organized by Amy Fischer and Diane Smith, who claim to be ready to pass the baton to next year's crew, as yet un-named.
    • Our campaign Headquarterson Maverick St. in Rockland is now open 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily and until 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays when we will be phone-banking. Buttons, bumper stickers, lawn signs and CLYNK bags are available there. Still needed: Wednesday staffers for 3 to 6 shift, a full size fridge, and phone callers. The HQ phone is 594-0075.
    • Almost 150 folks have signed up the Lobster Bake. We still need cookies, helpers to welcome and clean up.
    • An important result of our legislative win in November would be the replacement of Maine's current constitutional officers:
      • Secretary of State Charlie Summers (advocate of Voter ID)
      • Attorney General Schneider (LePage's rubber-stamp opposing Affordable Care Act)
      • Treasurer Bruce Poliquin (witch hunter at MSHA)

  • Governor's SECRET PLAN on hold until January!! He's not calling the lege back for a special session after all. Did Republican legislators fear for their political lives, and tell LePage to zip it? We'll never know. More at Dirigo Blue...

    Or is he going to call the special session? Mike Tipping writes in the Morning Sentinel: (08/21)

    ...LePage apparently told Democratic House Leader Emily Cain that he had decided not to go ahead with his plans, but his office later disputed the content of that conversation and said he was still keeping his options open.

    When pressed about this, LePage told WCSH TV: "No comment." and "I lie a lot. You guys tell me I lie a lot."

    Dirigo Blue is also running a tongue-in-cheek contest to predict the subject of the Governor's SECRET PLAN.

  • Does Gordon Mank reside in Rockland? Gerald keeps digging stuff up!
    The rumors have been circulating for some time: that Gordon Mank, Jr., the Republican candidate for House District 47, which includes all of Rockland and part of Owls Head, does not live in the district, but instead resides with his family in Rockport...
    more at Dirigo Blue.
  • rubberstamps imageThe Rubber-Stamp Ads currently being run by the state party are good for a chuckle. Here's the link.

    Their punchlines are lame, though. Instead of "Call Chris Rector...," they should say, "Let's send Chris Rector home. Vote for Ed Mazurek. Democrat. " And the Rector cartoon should show him wearing his cute bow tie.

  • Cynthia Dill reminds us that August 1st is a milestone for women's health with another implementation step in President Obama's Affordable Care Act.
    Starting August 1, 2012, the new "well-woman" preventive benefits of President Obama's Affordable Care Act now go into effect.

    Under the new Affordable Care Act, women’s preventive health care services – such as mammograms, screenings for cervical cancer, and other services – are already covered with no cost sharing for new health plans. The new law recognizes and understands the need to take into account the unique health needs of women throughout their lifespan.

    FINALLY, this change in the law fixes the major gaps in women's preventive health services. These changes are long overdue for women and their families.

    New benefits also include healthcare services for victims of domestic violence, contraceptives and much more.
    [more here...]
  • Nearly 65 Dems marched in the Lobster Festival Parade, Saturday, August 4th. We probably had the largest turnout for any group in the parade. Thanks to Amy Fischer, Diane Smith, Donald E Meklin & Sons, Isaac Meklin, and the band, Chaos Sauce. We have a gallery of photos here.

    Email the webmaster to add your photos to the gallery.


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