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News from November 2012  (updated: 04.03.2013, 10:33)  Previous month's news

  • Party Time!

    The Knox County Democratic Committee



    Lloyd Chase, Lizzie Dickerson, Cynthia Dill, Chris Johnson, Chuck Kruger, Walter Kumiega, Ed Mazurek, Barack Obama & Joe Biden, Lisa Miller, Roger Moody, Chellie Pingree and Joan Welsh
    for running for office,


    Donna Dennison and Carol Maines
    for continuing to serve in office,


    All the great volunteers
    for working so hard to elect Democrats and to win Yes on 1.


    By inviting you all of you
    to be our guests for suppah


    Friday, December 7th
    4:00 p.m. to 9:00 (ish)
    Watts Hall (2nd floor), 246 Main St, Thomaston
    The venue is handicap accessible.

    Munchies, Baked Beans, ham, hot dogs, Veggie Beans, coleslaw, potato salad, green salad, cake and ice cream, soft drinks and wine provided.
    Bring your own Beer.  

    Very informal. Stop by and say hello to the candidates and volunteers and share a meal which will be served from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

    Please help us celebrate by bringing your musical instrument and/or your voice for some "musical improvising without extensive preparation or predefined arrangements".
    If you have questions about the music,
    please call Ed Glaser in the evening at 594-2190.

    If you have general questions about the event,
    please call Mike Mayo at 354-8781.

  • Ed and Joan

    Election Day (& evening) photos.

    Click the image to go to our gallery of election day photos. Thanks to Carolyn Foster.
  • Chellie Pingree thanks

    "I can't thank you enough for your support of my campaign. I am honored that Maine voters are giving me the privilege of continuing to serve them in Washington and I look forward to getting back to Congress next week..." more...

  • Cynthia Dill thanks

    "Thank you, fellow Maine citizens, for all the support, help, guidance and energy you gave me during my 2012 campaign for U.S. Senate..." more...

  • Our November meeting

    was Tuesday, the 13th, at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The agenda is here, and the Chair's message is here.

    We discussed:

    • Needing a large, dry, accessible storage area for our stuff (tables, chairs, lawn signs/wickets, etc).
    • Needing volunteers to help clean up HQ & Mike's (call Mike if you can help).
    • The (surprisingly) non-zero balance in our treasury.
    • What worked in our election efforts.
    • Needing a fund-raising chair.
    • Needing candidates for the KCDC officer election in Jan '13.
    • The 'Move to Amend' to counter the Citizens United supreme court decision.

  • It feels so good!

    Thanks to our light-hearted Corresponding Secretary,
    Carolyn Foster, who posted this note at Village Soup.

    Photo: Jerry Lancourt
    In addition to re-electing President Obama and Representatives Chellie Pingree and Mike Michaud, Maine voters registered YES on referendum Question 1 to endorse same-sex marriage, and ratified three of four bond issues (denying the higher education bond).

    Voters also returned control of the state legislature to a Democratic majority. This bodes well for:
    • Electing constitutional officers
    • Congressional re-districting
    • Putting the brakes on LePage's agenda

    We had excellent results in Knox County:
    • Senate district 20: Chris Johnson (10,824 : 10,698)*
    • Senate district 22: Ed Mazurek (10,456 : 9,113)
    • House district 36 : Walter Kumiega (2,772 : 1,515)
    • House district 46 : Joan Welsh (3,180 : 1,982)
    • House district 47 : Lizzie Dickerson (2,580 : 1,038)
    • House district 48 : Chuck Kruger (2,355 : 1,768)
    • Knox Co. Commissioner district 3: Roger Moody
    *Subject to scheduled recount.

    Lloyd Chase (2,478 : 2,633) and Lisa Miller (2,196 : 2,336) lost by only narrow margins for House Districts 44 and 52. David White lost a close race for Senate District 28 (10,328 : 10,900). We had no dog in the hunt for House district 49 or Knox Co. Commissioner district 2.

    The BDN has complete statewide results including the fact that we turned out 76% of registered voters (706,330 of 925,816). Of the 'Voting Eligible Population' (1,036,599*), that's a 68% turnout, somewhat lower than our 70.6% turnout in 2008.

    * 2010 data from the Elections Project.

    The Free Press has town-by-town results for Knox County:
    National and Maine Senate
    Maine House
    Municipal ballot issues

  • heart

    Thank You! to...

    All our volunteers who:
    • Manned the phone banks
    • Stuffed the envelopes
    • Staffed the office
    • Chauffered the candidates
    • Knocked on doors
    • Printed the lawn signs
    • Organized and worked
      our fund-raisers
    • Contributed the $
    • Got out the Vote
    Our Democratic candidates who:
    • Knocked on thousands of doors
    • Ate rubber chickens
    • Defended their positions
    • Shook voters' hands
    • Attended the candidate forums
    • Took the guff
    • Smiled in the end

    Maine voters who:
    • Listened to our message
    • Listened to our candidates
    • Turned out to vote
      in nation-leading percentages

  • Joan Welsh

    asked us to post this thank you:
    "Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and supporters at Knox County Dems. You all did so much for ALL of us and it's so greatly appreciated. What a wonderful day it was on Tuesday, thanks to all of you."

  • Lawn Signs

    have magically transformed, in a single day, from political message to roadside litter.

    If you put it out, please pick it up.

    Drop them off at HQ (see below) or at Mike's in Thomaston.

  • KCDC Headquarters is closed.

    Folks can drop off lawn signs and wickets at Mike Mayo's, 323 Main Street, Thomaston.


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