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NEWS from January 2013  (updated: 04.03.2013, 10:35)  Previous month's news

  • Move to Amend Rally, Tuesday, Jan 22nd, Augusta.

    Maine Citizens for Clean Elections is organizing the Maine portion of the nation-wide event.

    Come to Augusta and join Citizens Unite Against Citizens United!

    MCCE and citizens from all over Maine will come together to mark the anniversary of the notorious Citizens United ruling and call for a U.S. Constitutional Amendment on Campaign Finance. This is your chance to fight back against damaging decisions that have weakened campaign finance laws, unleashed a flood of corporate money into our elections, and raised the voices of the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.

    Who: You! And a diverse group of Maine people
    What: A rally against Citizens United
    Where: Maine State House Welcome Center
    When: Tuesday, January 22nd at 10:30 a.m.

    Maine citizens have embraced the idea of a constitutional amendment, successfully organizing to pass resolutions in towns large and small. Nation-wide, nine states have already passed resolutions in support. Let’s make Maine the tenth!

    Citizens United is the 2010 case in which the U. S. Supreme Court's decision freed unions, corporations and wealthy individuals to spend unlimited sums on campaign advertising, and compromises the integrity of campaigns for federal office.

    FMI: the Portland Press Herald 01/20/2013 and 11/03/2012, and NYTimes 01/21/2010.

  • Our January meeting was Tuesday, January 15,

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland.

    Meeting hightlights:

    • B.J. McCollister spoke on the current efforts of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, including:
      • Three bills before the new legislature
        • Allowing clean election candidates to continue fundraising to remain competitive with privately funded candidates.
        • Requiring increased disclosure including (1) increased fines and penalties for unfair election practices, (2) requiring that independent PACs disclose their donors before the election, and (3) requiring disclosure by lobbyists at the time of their testimony.
        • Seeking a resolution of the State Legislature in support of the Move to Amend.
      • Organizing the Jan 22d Move to Amend rally at the Statehouse.
    • Election of officers. We elected the following folks to guide us through the next two years:
      • Chair: Adrian Humphreys
      • Vice Chair: Bruce Hodsdon
      • Treasurer: Stu Thro
      • Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Foster
      • Recording Secretary: Bonnie Post
      • State Committee Alternate for the Chair: Bruce Hodsdon
      • State Committee Member: Hugh Magbie
      • Grievance Committee:
        • Ed Dodge
        • Ted Kanelakis
        • Mike Mayo
        • Steve Melchiskey
        • Bonnie Post
    • Bylaws changes. We voted to amend the KCDC Bylaws in a number of areas, primarily consolidating committees and committee tasks. A revised document will be published on the web site soon.
    • Carmen Lavertu reported on the statewide effort to get town councils to endorse the Move to Amend. Camden is the 24th in the state. She is looking for folks to help with petitions in Thomaston and Rockland. Friendship will take up the issue at their Town Meeting in March.

    The complete agenda is here.

    If you would like an email notice of our meetings, please email the KCDC secretary.


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