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NEWS from February 2013 (updated: 04.03.2013, 10:37)  Previous month's news

  • CLYNK is now in Camden.

    The recent renovation/expansion of the Camden Hannaford store includes a CLYNK returnable bottle drop-off. The drop-off is now open near the store exit (week of 02/25). It's easier than ever to unload your bottles and contribute to the KCDC treasury. More info about CLYNK here...
  • Democratic Legislators' Public Forums.

    • Union Town Office, Monday, Feb 25: Sen. Ed Mazurek joined by Rep. Jeff Evangelos (U).
    • Rockland City Hall, Thursday, Feb 28: Sen. Ed Mazurek and Reps Dickerson, Kruger and Welsh.

    Both meetings are from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. and will focus on state budget issues.

    More at BDN (02/11).

  • BDN image

    The Guv is packing.

    But don't worry - he's working on his anger-management issues.

    The BDN (02/19) has the story on concealed weapons permits vs. public information.

  • Post Office vs. Congress: reports:
    Last week, the United States Post Office announced it is ending Saturday delivery of mail in an effort to save $2 billion a year.

    Since then, our news media has completely botched the story, and given cover to a Republican Party and its corporate donors. For years they've been trying to destroy the United States Post Office - the largest employer of unionized workers in the nation...[read more]

  • Tar Sands Oil through Maine?

    U. S. Representative Chellie Pingree writes:
    Over the weekend, thousands of Americans rallied in Washington to ask the President and Congress to confront the biggest environmental challenge we've ever faced: climate change.

    But while that debate is going on in Washington, right here in Maine there is growing talk of a plan to pump the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet through our state.

    You might have heard -- a Canadian company is considering a plan to pump dirty, toxic tar sands oil from Canada through Maine down to the coast to Portland Harbor.

    It's a dangerous idea. One leak could be catastrophic to our beautiful western Maine region, or could contaminate Sebago Lake, which supplies the drinking water for Portland.

    That's why I've started a petition to urge President Obama to require a full environmental review of any plan to pump tar sands oil through Maine.

    Join me and tell President Obama: Make the oil companies apply for a new permit and conduct a full environmental study of any scheme to pump tar sands oil through Maine.

    Not only does tar sands mining create three times more carbon pollution than conventional oil drilling, it's heavy and dirty, causing even higher risks for leaks and spills when pumped through pipelines.

    In 2010, a tar sands pipeline burst in Michigan, dumping over 800,000 gallons of tar sands oil into the Kalamazoo River, spoiling drinking water and natural wildlife habitats. It cost over $700 million to clean up – the most expensive onshore oil spill in U.S. history.

    Let's make sure this never happens in Maine.

    Sign the petition – Tell President Obama: Make the oil companies apply for a new permit and conduct a full environmental study of any scheme to pump tar sands oil through Maine.

    Thank you for your action, and please share this email and petition with your friends. It's important that we spread the word to ensure that dangerous tar sands oil are never pumped through our backyard.


  • Searsport LPG terminal.

    Carmen Lavertu is tracking the issue. She reports on the Feb 11 public meeting:
    Richard Clarke's scheduled appearance again prevented by bad weather. Presentations were made by his Good Harbors experts:
    • "The Board should deny the project."
    • The site is too small to be safe and cannot be made bigger.
    • The facility would be too close to residences, businesses, and Route 1.
    • The community lacks the necessary emergency response capabilities.

    Also heard at the meeting:
    Captain Moore of the U. S. Coast Guard agreed their recommendation is the same as Good Harbor's: there are too many unanswered questions.

    Further meetings of the Planning Board meetings open to the public will be held [Feb 12th and 13th]. A citizen's group (Thanks but no Tank) will feature a 'safety panel' with information to support the Good Harbors' conclusions.

    For more information:

    The town of Islesboro is not comfortable with the prospect of a large LPG tank across the Bay. Their letter to the Searsport planning board is here. (pdf)

    Pen Bay LPG has a number of useful links about the issue.

  • Move to Amend update:

    Carmen says:
    The Thomaston Select Board passed the resolution unanimously on 1/28. Friendship has entered a warrant for their Town Meeting (Camden passed in January).

    Our Democratic legislators, Ed Mazurek, Chuck Kruger, Joan Welsh, and Elizabeth Dickerson and unenrolled Jeff Evangelos have said they will support the State legislation.

    We seek volunteers to present the petitions for Rockland, Rockport, Owl's Head and St. George to their Select Boards and City Councils. We recommend other towns to plan a resolution (warrant) for their annual town meetings. Contact Carmen Lavertu (354-9556) or Carolyn Foster (832-4826).

  • Our February meeting was Tuesday, the 12th

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The meeting agenda is here. Meeting highlights:
    • Bruce Hodsdon discussed the upcoming reapportionment of our state House and Senate districts.
      • The target population for House districts is 8,797.
      • For Senate districts: 37,953.
      • Probably all of our Knox County districts will be changed.
      • Redistricting commission presents to full legislature by June 1.
      • Leg must pass a plan by June 11.
      • If Leg fails, Supreme Court decides by August 10.
      • A PowerPoint slide show (pdf copy here) was shown at the January Council of County Chairs meeting.
    • Jean Morrison has joined the Fund Raising committee. More folks are needed.
    • Mike has a lead on free storage space and was authorized funds to purchase plastic storage boxes.
    • The life-size Obama cutout we had at HQ election night is missing. Contact Amy Fischer (236-0616 email) to return it.

    If you would like an email notice of our meetings, please email the KCDC secretary.

  • Ranked-choice voting statewide?

    The BDN reports (02/12):
    Two legislators have joined forces to support a single bill to establish ranked-choice voting in Maine.

    The election-law bill submitted by Sen. Dick Woodbury, I-Yarmouth, is now co-sponsored by Rep. Janice Cooper, D-Yarmouth, who submitted similar draft legislation at the beginning of the year.

    Woodbury said the bill has generated notable public interest.

    "I think the fact that the next governor's race is shaping up to have Eliot Cutler as a prominent independent is increasing people's interest in making sure there is some kind of narrowing down of the system, so that the ultimate winner of that race has the majority support of the people," he said.
    Click the link to see an image of the Portland ballot using ranked-choice voting.
  • Like us on Facebook

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  • Our revised Bylaws are posted.

    Changes primarily involve streamlining the committee structure and duties.
  • January 22, 2013 MCCE Rally

    Carmen Lavertu reports:
    "Knox County was well represented with at least 14 voters in attendance at a January 22 State House rally in support of a U.S. constitutional amendment for the purpose of overturning the Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission Supreme Court ruling...." [more...]

  • Tally of gun deaths since Newtown.

    Slate has a crowd-sourced database and map here.
  • Maine panel rejects voter IDs, backs early voting.

    The Press Herald (02/06) has the story, essentially repudiating the Two Charlies' assault on voting rights (referring to past Secy. of State Charlie Summers and past Republican party chair Charlie Webster).
  • loose cannon

    A Roundup of news on le Guv:


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