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NEWS from April 2013  (updated: 06.05.2013, 18:33)  Previous month's news

  • Clean Elections Rally,
    Monday, 29 April

    10:00 a.m., Hall of Flags, Augusta.

    Mainers are coming together to demand meaningful reform that elevates the role of voters in our elections and government. The issue of money in politics goes beyond party lines. Republican, Democrat, Green or Independent: We’re Mainers First. Poster here...

    Car pooling is possible; watch this space.

  • Sen. Chris Johnson is co-sponsoring a GMO labelling bill.

    A hearing on the bill was held 23 April.

    The bill, sponsored by Rep. Lance Harvell (R-Farmington), requires a label reading "Produced with Genetic Engineering" on foods consisting of or containing a genetically modified organism (GMO). Rep. Harvell says, "The scientific uncertainty surrounding GMOs is a good reason for the state to require labeling. Consumers have a right to know what they are eating and to make informed choices about the health risks they take with products that are not subject to federal safety testing."

    Testimony on the bill is expected to come from a wide range of proponents, including doctors, farmers, consumers and retail food sellers. Opponents are expected to include the Biotechnology Industry Organization, the Maine Grocers Association and other industrial agriculture interests. More info at MOFGA.ORG.

  • Richard Blanco readings
    April 22 & July 17.

    Richard Blanco, our Maine poet who read at President Obama's second inaugural, has two upcoming events. The first event, Monday, April 22, at Strom Auditorium, is sponsored by our local schools through Partners for Enrichment.
    More here...
  • The benefit supper for Andy O'Brien's nephew and namesake,

    Andy O'Brien, was a successful and heart-warming demonstration of community support in Lincolnville. Young Andy is suffering from brain cancer. More at PenBay Pilot...
  • Earth Day 2013 is about Climate Change

    Local events:
    • Thurs, 18 Apr: Forward on Climate. by Green Sneakers, 7:00 p.m., Rockland City Hall.

  • Our April meeting was Tuesday, the 9th

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The complete agenda is here. A brief summary of the meeting:
    • The Chair reported that Ellie Goldberg has joined the fund-raising committee.
    • Parade marshalls are still needed.
    • Mike Duffy has secured bottle collection rights at the Tenants Harbor transfer station for the 1st two weeks in August! He will need volunteers to remove returnables daily.
    • Carmen Lavertu reported on Clean Elections progress including:
      • B. J. McCollister talk in Thomaston on 25 April.
      • Augusta rally on Monday, 29 April, 10:00 a.m.
      • Her impressive agenda is here. Please give her a hand rallying legislators and troops.
    • Bonnie Post noted the passing of local Dems Rufus Foshee, Matt Clarke and Ruth Haines.
      • We voted to ask the Corresponding Secy to send condolences from the KCDC in these cases and generally. Please contact the Secy or any officer when a member has passed away and you can offer a few words in their memory.
    • We voted to confirm volunteers to our standing committees.
    • Mike Mayo noted that Richard Blanco (inaugural poet for Barack Obama's second inauguration) will read at the Strand Theatre Wednesday, July 17th.
    • Mike presented the "Nuts & Bolts of Elections".

  • parade

    Parade Honchos needed!

    Diane Smith reminds us that she and Amy Fischer, who have ably marshalled us for the Thomaston 4th and Lobster Festival parades for the past three years, have retired from their posts. Diane says, in part:
    " ...We stepped forward three years ago after participating in a poor Democratic showing during a 4th of July Parade where Tea Party supporters marched in strong numbers. The parades since then, averaging 50 to 95 participants, generated enthusiasm amongst our volunteer base and parade viewers; offered visibility for our candidates; and showcased our Democratic values. The TV coverage and positive word-of-mouth comments passed around the county after the parades were additional benefits..."

    Diane has prepared an outline of the organizers' tasks and has offered to prepare a manual.

    Who will take up the baton? Who will lead the charge, now? Our sincerest thanks to Diane and Amy would be to carry on with the same gusto.


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