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NEWS from July 2013  (updated: 08.08.2013, 17:15)  Previous month's news

  • Rockland's Lobster Festival Parade:
    Saturday, August 3rd.

    We'll be there, along with Gubernatorial candidate Steve Woods, Congressman Mike Michaud, several of our Democratic state legislators, and most importantly, YOU!

    Bring family, friends and house guests to gather at 8:00 a.m. for a 10:00 parade start, at Oceanside High School, 400 Broadway. Look for the big blue "KNOX COUNTY DEMOCRATS" banner. We have red-white-and-blue visors, flags to wave, and a few signs to carry, or bring your own sign (positive comments only, please). Plenty of parking in the school lot. North Main Street and Broadway will be closed to traffic on Saturday morning, so enter the school grounds from Cedar Street, off Old County Road (the 1st left off Old County Road if you are coming from Rt. 17, or the last right before Rt. 17 if you are coming from the south.)

    The parade route is down North Main Street and through downtown Rockland on Main Street, finishing near the Lobster Festival entrance, whence you can take the shuttle bus (starting at noon) back to the school.

    We have folks who would join but can't walk the distance. If you have a convertible car or a pickup with seats in the bed, or questions about the parade, call Adrian at 763-4691 or email. The festival website is here.

    No band or semi-trailer for us this year, so let's impress the cheering crowds with a big people turnout!

  • KCDC Annual Lobster Bake,
    Saturday Aug 17th: Save the Date

    Our 11th annual KCDC Lobster Bake will be held in Owls Head on Saturday, August 17th, 2013. Beat the crowd in purchasing sponsorships/tickets by going to our friends at ActBlue:

  • Our July 4th Food Booth

    was fun despite the heat which kept the crowds at bay and reduced our sales. We'll need to see more success from other fundraising events if we are to meet our budget for the 2014 campaign support activities.

    Thanks to all our volunteers and organizers, listed below in no particular order:

    Lili O”Neal Kristin SimsCarolyn Foster
    Scott and Lisa ArcherSusanne CareyValli Geiger and Greg Marley
    Wayne HobsonCarol MainesRich Stuart
    Eileen WilkinsonDebbie WinshipKathleen Friedrich
    Fred BergDeb and Philip McKeanRolly James
    Marianne BockliMarcy SimpsonLis Clark
    Dianne DarlingWalter FosterRay Faria
    Jackie FreitasSusan GerryBill Michaud
    Bob SwansonLucie BauerDiana Dion
    Joan WelshLinda MannCindy Bertocci
    Carmen LavertuJoan VargasMike Mayo
    Margaret BoyajianBruce HodsdonFiona Boyd
    Amy FischerTed KanellakisBarb and Steve Melchiskey
    Jean and Don MorrisonLucy GouletNancy and Patrick Davis
    Kay and Ed DodgeStu ThroKatie Syrett
    Lee WebbAdrian HumphreysMike Dunn

  • Our July meeting was Tuesday, the 9th

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The agenda is here.
  • Pat Cokinis,

    loyal Democrat and long-time KCDC member, has passed away at age 82.

    More at PenBay Pilot...


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