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NEWS from October 2013  (updated: 01.12.2014, 18:07)
Previous month's news

  • Vote November 5th

    on five state referendum questions plus issues local to each municipality. The the Secretary of State has a complete voter's guide with debt implications. The short story is:
    • Question 1, Bond Issue: Do you favor a $14,000,000 bond issue to provide funds for the State's share of maintenance, repair, capital improvement, modernization and energy efficiency projects for Maine Army National Guard readiness centers and support facilities and the purchase of land for training and to draw down federal matching funds?
    • Question 2, Bond Issue: Do you favor a $15,500,000 bond issue to enhance educational and employment opportunities for Maine citizens and students by updating and improving existing laboratory and classroom facilities of the University of Maine System statewide?
    • Question 3, Bond Issue: Do you favor a $100,000,000 bond issue for reconstruction and rehabilitation of highways and bridges and for facilities or equipment related to ports, harbors, marine transportation, freight and passenger railroads, aviation and transit, to be used to match an estimated $154,000,000 in federal and other funds?
    • Question 4,Bond Issue: Do you favor a $4,500,000 bond issue to provide funds for a public-private partnership for a building project for a new science facility at the Maine Maritime Academy to be matched by other funds?
    • Question 5, Bond Issue: Do you favor a $15,500,000 bond issue to upgrade buildings, classrooms and laboratories on the 7 campuses of the Maine Community College System in order to increase capacity to serve more students through expanded programs in health care, precision machining, information technology, criminal justice and other key programs?

  • Shenna Bellows visited Rockland

    on 10/26 during her whirlwind 16-county tour after announcing her candidacy for the U. S. Senate on the 23d.

    She met our KCDC crew at the Rockland breakwater, where we walked and talked on a beautiful, brisk fall day, then joined the Maine State Employees Association conference at the Samoset.

    Click the image to see the short slide show.

  • Attention Union voters!

    our new map will help you know whether you are in Maine House District 91 or 95.
  • Michaud and Women's Rights:

    The Cutler campaign has criticized Mike's evolvement on reproductive rights, despite his having a 100% rating with NARAL Pro Choice.

    The Portland Press Herald has Mike's response (10/16) and an OpEd by Stephanie Cotsirilos (10/21).

  • Shenna Bellows

    Shenna Bellows declares for U. S. Senate

    Former head of the Maine branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, Shenna Bellows will face incumbent Republican Susan Collins in November 2014.

    Campaign Website:

    Mark your calendar: She will address the KCDC at our November meeting (11/12).

  • October 6 yard sale a success.

    Thanks to the Friendship Democratic Town Committee, Ray Faria, and Allied Tool and Fastener for this fall fund-raiser. The weather held, receipts were good, and the cleanup went quickly.

    We've added a photo gallery here.

  • Volunteers needed for Mike Michaud canvassing

    Schedule is (all from 9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.):
    • Oct 12 - Barb and Steve Melchiskey's - 26 Curtis Ave, Camden
    • Oct 19 - Barb and Steve Melchiskey's
    • Oct 20 - Joan Merriam's - 39 Main St, Rockland (Special w/Mike, see below)
    • Oct 26 - Barb and Steve Melchiskey's

    Jump on this by calling (207-370-1506) or emailing Hannah Heidt.

    If people aren't available to canvass, but would like to do phone calling via virtual phone bank, Hannah can set you up.

    The volunteer who knocks on the most doors, and the volunteer who makes the most phone calls will win a lunch with Congressman Michaud.

    Mike is tentatively coming to the canvass on the 20th, so let's see a good crowd for that one. This is tentative and contingent on the shutdown and what Mike's schedule will be, but he wants to make Knox a top priority to visit. The start time on the 20th might have to change by a few hours (starting at 11:30 instead of 9:30).

  • Demand a vote!

    The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is organizing a petition drive (a real one, not a an email response) to support President Obama and demand that Congress vote to end the government shutdown. DCCC says:
    "If you're fed up with Boehner's government shutdown, don't just sit there -- take action!

    Here's how: We're planning a #DemandAVote weekend of action with events all across the country. It's up to YOU to plan an event in your community.

    It's fun, easy, and the best part, you'll make a real difference in supporting President Obama and ending this shutdown once and for all.

    Click here to get started and we'll provide you with all of the steps to hold a successful event and pressure Republicans to do the right thing.

    Thanks for stepping up!

    Democrats 2014"
    Some Knox Co. folks all ready set up. We'll post locations and arrangements here.
  • Our October meeting was Tuesday, the 8th

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The agenda is here. The gist of the lightly attended meeting:
    • We remembered a number of loyal KCDCers who have passed away this summer and fall, including:
      • Pat Cokinis
      • Judith Daniels
      • Mike Duffy
      • Paul Putnam
      • Nick Snow
    • The chair discussed:
      • Storage space issues
      • Bulk mail options for 2014
      • Fund-raising committee's plans
      • New legislative districts and candidate search
      • Mike Michaud's campaign coordinating with County Chairs
    • Since Mike Duffy's passing, we need a new CLYNK coordinator. Carolyn Foster will serve pro tem.
    • The fund-raising committee was voted $200 in seed money.
    • We had no volunteers for the two open places on the Platform Committee.
    • Both the budget and strategic plan were approved.
    • We added the Chair as a second signatory for the bank account, but deferred a bylaws change to the next meeting pending specific language.
    • We authorized the Lobster Bake Committee to spend $600 for additional tables and supplies.
    • Announced Knox Co canvassing for Mike Michaud this month.

  • We are sad to report the passing of Mike Duffy

    on October 3d. Mike was a stalwart fund-raiser and ran our CLYNK program from its inception. Mike was 75. More here...
  • New State House and Senate districts:

    Redistricting earlier this year resulted in changes state-wide. For Knox County the new districts are shown in this new map. You can see the table of towns/districts here.


    • all the districts are renumbered
    • new district 91 (Friendship, Washington, Waldoboro, Union (part))
    • new district 95 (Hope, Appleton, Warren, Union (part))
    • that Union is now split between two districts (91 and 95)
    • that Owl's Head is now wholly within district 93 with Rockland


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