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NEWS from January/February 2014  (updated: 03.10.2014, 10:40)
Previous month's news

  • Town Caucuses are Sunday, 2 March 2014.

    This is a chance to sign up our friends and neighbors to help elect Democrats this fall. Here is the list of locations and times.

    The Maine Democratic Party state convention is 30 - 31 May 2014 (Fri - Sat). Here is the complete caucus-to-election timeline.
  • Our February meeting was Tuesday, the 11th

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland. Potluck at 6:00 p.m. We had a brief business meeting at 7:00, followed by a training session for caucus conveners.The agenda is here.
  • Healthcare links

    We've updated our useful links page with a new 'National Health' topic. Click here.
  • CLYNK program update.

    CLYNK is the easiest way to handle returnable containers and support KCDC at the same time. Just pick up our specially labeled green bags and drop them off at a Hannaford food store in Camden, Belfast, or Rockland (more details).

    To make the process even more convenient, Carolyn has allied with more folks to stock our bags. Please patronize our business friends and ask at the checkout counter for KCDC CLYNK bags.

    • Thomaston: Carmen Lavertu (residence), 43 Beechwood St, 354-9556
    • Rockland: Jonathan Frost Gallery and Frame Shop.
    • Rockland: Playing with Fire Glassworks and Gallery, 497 Main Street (next to Fiore).
    • Rockland: Rock City Cafe, 498 Main Street.

  • Our January meeting was Tuesday, the 14th

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The agenda is here.
    Meeting highlights:
    • Our guest speaker, BJ McCollister of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, gave an illustrated presentation on "How Independent Expenditures Have Invaded Maine Since Citizens United." Discussion included:
      • Democracy under attack: An average U.S. Congressional campaign cost $56,000 in 1978. In 2008, the cost soared to $1,300,000, or seven times the rate of inflation.
      • In Maine, the total spending for all state house races by candidates themselves has been relatively steady over the years at $3.3 million, but in 2012, an additional $3.47 million in untraceable "Dark Money" was spent by outside groups.
      • In Maine our Clean Elections law has been seriously weakened by the 2011 Supreme Court decision in McComish v. Bennett which eliminated our matching funds provision.
      • MCCE will begin a ballot initiative petition drive this May, asking voters to approve a 3-part law that: (1) strengthens Maine's Clean Elections so candidates may raise additional funds, (2) require enhanced disclosure of sources of campaign contributions, and (3) reforms PACs. (For possible language, go to this page and search for LD1309 and LD1271 in session 126.)
      • A Jan 18 (Saturday) organizational meeting of We the People Maine who are organizing a ballot initiative petition to amend the U.S.Constitution in the wake of the Citizens United decision, to declare that "corporations are not people and money is not speech."
      • Rally for Citizens Unite Against Citizens United, Jan 21 (Tuesday), 10:30 a.m. Gather at the Statehouse Welcome Center in Augusta on the 4th anniversary of the Citizen's United decision.

        Later on, MCCE will co-host neighborhood get-togethers with local leaders around the state, which will be joined by teleconference at 7:30 pm.

        Contact Carmen Lavertu to share the ride to Augusta or get more information: 354-9556

    • Reports:
      • Chair:
        • Making lawn signs for candidates this election year is a possibility, if we can find a location.
        • Our July 4th food booth will probably not happen, without fresh ideas.
        • There is only luke-warm enthusiasm for a button-booth at the MDP convention in May.
        • Members are asked to keep an eye out for likely Headquarters rental space, June thru November.
        • Our new Maine House District 95 (Hope, Appleton, Warren and part of Union) will be a wide-open race with no incumbent. A Democratic candidate is sought.
      • Our CLYNK program continues to produce, but at a lower rate than last year.
      • The MDP Rules Committee has given more leeway to county committees in collecting caucus materials.
      • The MDP Platform Committee work is going well and at a reasonable pace. The committee's next meeting is Sunday, Jan 26.
    • We voted to allow the Chair to appoint a third member to our vacant spot on the Platform Committee.
    • We voted a Bylaws change to give the KCDC Chair signing authority on our bank account.
    • We had lively discussion about new Federal Flood Plain maps, and the prospect of a speaker on that topic at our next meeting.

  • Our December meeting was cancelled.

    Poor weather and the advent of the holidays reduced our December meeting turnout to four (Corcoran, Foster, Humphreys, and Post) who, by unanimous consent, agreed to cancel the meeting and talk about old times instead.
  • Shenna Bellows has received at least a $5 contribution from every town in Knox County.

    How about that for the grassroots energy behind her campaign for U.S. Senate?

    Folks can look up which towns are left and donate for their town. (Scroll the page to your county and click your town name. A window pops up to receive your online donation.) At the end of each day, the towns from which she's received donations will disappear from the website to show progress as it happens.

    Shenna's got 504 towns on her list, and she says she wants to visit every one during her campaign. As of 9 January, she's received over 1700 contributions from all 16 counties and 337 towns across Maine.

    Her campaign has officially started collecting signatures to get Shenna on the ballot, and is looking for petition circulators. If you can help, click here to volunteer.

  • Town Caucuses are Sunday, 2 March 2014.

    We are in the process of identifying conveners for our Knox County towns. We are considering having a convener training in February, possibly at our regular meeting on February 11th.

    The Maine Democratic Party state convention is 30 - 31 May 2014 (Fri - Sat). Here is the complete caucus-to-election timeline.

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