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NEWS from April 2014  (updated: 06.10.2014, 14:14)
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  • genders pic

    "The Broads Must be Crazy"

    and way too emotional to be political leaders. Watch Jon Stewart take on gender politics on

    The Daily Show.

  • Earth Day, Tuesday April 22.

    Climate change, the corporate approach (caution, foul language):
  • Marc Johnson 1947-2014.

    Beloved husband of Kathie, Marc died suddenly on April 8th. His family writes:

    We are writing to you today with sad news. Our father passed away from a heart attack unexpectedly on Tuesday at his home in Maine.

    We are not planning a funeral, but there will be a memorial service. We will be posting information at:

    No flowers, please, but please consider donating to the scholarship we are establishing in his memory at Boston University. More information will be available on the the wordpress site when we know the best way.

    Kirsten and Nicole Johnson

  • The poster says it.

    The food booth won't happen unless someone steps up to help Creighton.
  • wanted poster
  • Our April meeting was Tuesday, the 8th

    at Stella Maris House in Rockland. The complete agenda is here. Meeting highlights:
    • The chair reported:
      • the sale of our cotton candy machine
      • HQ search status
    • CLYNK: We turned in only 58 bags during the 1st quarter. We have the St. George recycling facility for the whole month of June. We'll need volunteers several days each week.
    • We discussed our participation in the Thomaston July 4th festivities, resulting in a decision to rent both a political booth and a food booth. The food booth to sell ice cream, watermelon, or other summery treat. Carolyn provided a lot of background info. Creighton volunteered top co-lead the food booth; an additional co-lead is needed for this to happen! (see above).
    • Lawn sign production will be dependent on HQ location; we probably cannot produce for candidates in time for the primary, but possibly later in the season.
    • Clean Elections: May 17th MCCE convention at Thomas College, Waterville. Sen. Angus King discussed Money in Politics on MaineCalling at MPBN.
    • The chair reviewed the new Maine Democratic Party Platform draft with respect to changes from the 2012 version.

  • earthEnvironmental notes:

    • Free Electronic Waste Collection: Saturday, April 28, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Rockport. At the former elementary school site, intersection of routes 1 and 90. TVs, compuuters, microwaves, copiers, etc. FMI...
    • Trash lasts. Even in the Bay. Click to enlarge. decomposition

  • 2014 MDP Platform draft

    is now available (242K pdf). The Platform Committee released it on March 25th. The Knox County Committee will review it at our April 8th meeting and consider amendments that members propose at our May meeting. Amendments from the counties must be submitted to the MDP Platform Committee before May 16th. The Platform Committee will meet on May 25th to consider all submitted amendments and recommend their inclusion or not. The platform and its proposed amendments will be taken up at the party convention May 30/31.
  • State House Candidates

    Some of our candidates still need help getting qualifying $5.00 contributions for Maine Clean Elections funding by April 22nd. Go here to contribute online. (This is so easy! No checks and no manual verification by the town registrar). You must be registered to vote in the candidate's district (see below). To contribute with a personal check or to circulate a contribution form, call the candidate directly.
    • Rep. Elizabeth Dickerson: HR 93 (Rockland and all of Owls Head).
    • Sen. Chris Johnson: Senate District 13 (Kennebec and Lincoln counties, plus Washington in Knox County).
    • Rep. Chuck Kruger: HR 92 (Cushing, Matinicus, St George, South Thomaston and Thomaston).
    • Rep. Walter Kumiega: HR 134 (Isle au Haut, North Haven, Vinalhaven in Knox County together with towns in Hancock county).

  • Convention Delegate Opportunities:

    The Maine Democratic Party state convention is 30 - 31 May 2014 (Fri - Sat). Here is the complete caucus-to-election timeline.

    County-wide, we have a lot of vacant slots for convention delegates. If you missed your town caucus, you have a second chance to sign up at our May meeting on Tuesday, the 13th. Watch this space for more info...


    • CLYNK is the easiest way to handle returnable containers and support KCDC at the same time, BUT...
      • The Rockland Hannaford drop-off is in a separate trailer-type building. Scanning your bag at the porthole below one of the doors will cause the door to unlock.
      • Please be sure your bag is tied securely so we can get credit for all your returnables.
    • 3 Dogs Cafe
    • in Rockport will now accept returnables to our KCDC account, thanks to Dave Miramant. No special bag required, just tell them to credit Knox County Dems.


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