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NEWS from November 2014  (updated: 01.10.2015, 12:25)
Previous month's news


    Meet at HQ at 10:00 a.m. Pickup trucks are welcome.
    We'll move all our office stuff to Warren Self Storage
    (intersection of Rts 1 and 90 in Warren.)
    Call Adrian (763-4691) for info.

  • Zzzz...November 5th

    Thanks everyone for your hard work!

    Now kick back.

    Together, we did all we could, and, despite losing the governer's race, we did good.

    Check out Election Results below, and more complete results here.

  • Lawn signs:

    Yesterday's important sign of political allegiance has become today's roadside litter.
    • Please continue to pick up our candidates' signs; the wickets especially we will re-use. Keep a lookout as more will emerge from the roadside drifts as they melt away.
    • Our last day at our Harbor Plaza, Rockland, headquarters is Sunday, Nov 23rd.
      You can drop off lawn signs then.
    • If you are really stuck, call Adrian (763-4691) for assistance.
    • Check back here for updates.
    • Please DO NOT leave lawn signs outside our closed HQ office!

  • Raffle winners:

    We drew the winners of our Great Election Season Travel Raffle on Tuesday night at HQ...and the winners are:
    • Kathy Phillips, Union: 1st prize; a $4,000 travel voucher.
    • Jason Gindel, Hope: 45 minute glider ride piloted by State Senator-elect Dave Miramant.

    Congratulations winners! Please let us know where you travelled, Kathy!

    (Arthur Dumican sold both winning tickets using a folding table in front of our Harbor Plaza HQ. Thanks Arthur for pushing the raffle idea AND selling all those tickets!).

    Election Results

    We are terribly disappointed not to have elected Mike Michaud governor (despite providing winning support in Knox County), but we had great success with our other Knox County candidates, including:

    • Chellie Pingree, U. S. House, District 1
    • Dave Miramant, Senate District 12
    • Chris Johnson, Senate District 13
    • Lizzie Dickerson, House District 93
    • Chuck Kruger, HD 92
    • Walter Kumiega, HD 134
    • Joan Welsh, HD 94
    • Donna Dennison, Knox Co. sheriff
    • Carol Maines, Knox Co. Commissioner
    • Thanks to Shenna Bellows, our U.S.Senate candidate who lost to intrenched incumbent Collins after running a very strong and inspirational campaign.
    • David Sinclair conceded his race for District 6 District Attorney against a 4-term incumbent, losing by a margin of less than 1%, despite winning in Knox Co. Thanks to David and his family.
    • And we can't believe District 2 voters did not choose Emily Cain for U. S. House. Thanks Emily for running a strong campaign.

    Detailed results at the Bangor Daily News: Use the popup menus near the page top to navigate to the county and town of interest.

    We have re-formatted the BDN information by town here.

    Eventually the Secretary of State will post official results here.

  • Our next meeting will be Tuesday, December 9th.

    There will be no meeting in November due to Election overload and the Veteran's Day holiday on 11/11.
  • Please VOTE on Tuesday, the 4th.

    Until then, call HQ to find out how you can help get our candidates across the finish line in 1st.


    We need callers, drivers, canvassers and poll monitors in every town.
  • Then PARTY! beginning at 8:00 p.m. on Election night

    at our HQ in Harbor Plaza, Rockland. Bring beverages and snacks to share. We'll have a big-screen TV or projector to keep track of election returns, extra seating, and our TRAVEL RAFFLE DRAWING. Raffle tickets will be sold right up the moment of drawing.

    Pick up lawn signs and wickets on your way to the party. (We will post a schedule of open hours at HQ for lawn sign dropoff during November. DO NOT LEAVE lawn signs outside the closed office, please.)

  • Some ditties for your amusement:

    • Are you tired of your state havin nuttin'? Better not vote for Paula Sutton!
    • So lets talk about what you really want, that is Dave Miramant!
    • If Paul LePage makes you spew, you should vote for Mike Michaud!
    • Paul LePage may be smarter than you, but he's not as smart as Mike Michaud!
    • If the change in environment pushes your button, do not vote for Paula Sutton!

    And remember, the sound of Sutton spelled backward is: "NOT US!"

  • KCDC's Great Election Season Travel Raffle

    The Knox County Democratic Committee held a Campaign Season Travel Raffle. Tickets are $20. Less than 1,000 tickets would be sold at $20 each. The winners were drawn on election night, November 4 (see above).

    First Prize: 
$4,000 Travel Voucher! Use it for any trip you can imagine. It would buy, for example, a 4-day, 3-night trip to Disney World for four people, including airfare, on-site housing, transportation to and from the Orlando airport, and Disney World passes for 3 days, based on travel between April and November 2015. (Winner will receive a $4,000 voucher which may be used for this trip or other travel.)

    Additional prize:Spirit Soaring glider ride with Dave Miramant: This is a 3/4 hour ride from Owl's Head airport with views of Penobscot Bay and the closer Islands of Vinalhaven, North Haven, and Isle au Haut. Also breathtaking views of the distant mountains: Katahdin, Washington and Sugarloaf.


    Thanks to Arthur Dumican and Jean Morrison who are heading up this effort. Tickets are on sale at our HQ and from many members.

  • Our Campaign Headquarters

    is in Rockland's Harbor Plaza, between Shaw's and Staples.

    The office will be closed and not staffed most days after the election.

    Our rental agreement expires at the end of November; we will be moving on Sunday, Nov 23rd.

    HQ front

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