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NEWS from February 2015  (updated: 03.02.2015, 10:58)
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  • Rockland/Owl's Head joint meeting Saturday, February 7th:

    On Saturday, 7 February, starting at 1:00 p.m, in the Council Chambers at Rockland City Hall, Democrats will meet to elect a candidate to represent Rockland and Owls Head in the Maine Legislature. The Rockland and Owls Head Democratic town committees will meet jointly to choose a candidate for the special election for the vacant House District 93 seat. All Democrats who are currently enrolled to vote in Owls Head or Rockland are invited and encouraged to attend and participate but please arrive before 1:30 to check in.

    House District 93 now includes all of Rockland and Owls Head. Please ensure that you are registered to vote in either Owls Head or Rockland, and enrolled as a Democrat – you won’t be able to register the day of the meeting.

    We plan to make the process as open and fair as possible. All candidates will be nominated from the floor and have the opportunity to make a short speech. Voting will be by written ballot, until one nominee wins a majority of the votes. In each round, if a candidate does not receive a majority of the votes, the candidate receiving the fewest votes will be dropped from the ballot.

    While we are pleased to already have four announced candidates, additional nominees may be made from the floor. We know whatever candidate is selected will work for Rockland and Owls Head, our citizens and our industries, our environment and our jobs. There will be an opportunity to meet all of the candidates, as well as to pledge your financial support.

    This is participatory democracy at its finest, the first contested party nominee with two towns in a replacement election in anyone’s memory - please join us.

  • Funding for HR93 Candidate:

    Democrats in Rockland and Owl's Head, it is very important that whoever wins the nomination on Saturday gets his or her Clean Elections Seed Money as soon as possible, preferably by the following Monday. But it takes time to collect the 60+ $5 donations and signatures and then get them certified by each town clerk.

    Please give a head start to all of the potential candidates by donating the $5 online by checking the Donate button at Each of the Democratic candidates is listed and you can check all four and pay once with a credit card. Part of the benefit of donating online is that no paper form needs to be taken to the town clerk for verification, saving even more time.

    If you wish you can get the $15 back for the unsuccessful candidates but if you choose not to do that, the $15 will go to the Ethics Commission which is not a bad thing. Directions for getting the $15 back are below.

    As Democrats we need to do everything we can to level the playing field for our candidate. We know the Republican Candidate has his materials and/or has had until he announced to raise funds since he has had no opposition for the seat.

    Just a reminder to come to the Joint Rockland/Owl's Head Committee meeting Saturday, February 7th where you can make your voice heard in selecting our nominee for this special election. Check in will start at 1pm in the Council Chambers at Rockland City Hall.

    All Democrats who are currently enrolled to vote in Owls Head or Rockland are invited and encouraged to attend and participate but please arrive before 1:30 to check in. Bring your checkbook if you have not already made a $5 qualifying contribution


    If someone wants a refund, they will have to contact InforME and ask for a refund. InforME is the company under contract with the State of Maine to operate certain online service for the State. Here is the contact info:

    Customer Support
    Customer support is available Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST.

    InforME: Information Resource of Maine, 45 Commerce Dr, Suite 10 Augusta, Maine 04330.

    Phone: (207) 621-2600 or (207) 512-5605 Toll Free: (877) 212-6500

  • House District 93 Vacancy

    Democrat Elizabeth Dickerson has resigned as Representive to the Maine Legislature from the district that includes Owl's Head and Rockland.

    On Jan 23rd the Governor proclaimed March 10th as the date for a special election to fill the seat.

    The political parties have 15 days from the date of the Governor's proclamation (until February 9th at 5:00 p.m) to select candidates for the election.

    Some relevant statutes are:


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