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NEWS from March 2016 (updated: 04.11.2016, 11:34)
Previous month's news

  • Clean Elections Funding

    is a key element to our Legislative candidates' success. As individuals we provide the $5 contributions to the Maine Clean Elections fund that qualify each of them for public funding of their campaigns.

    The easiest way to get them jump-started is to donate on-line at:

    the Ethics Commission website.

    Click the Contribute button, enter your name and address, and select your candidate from the list with your credit card in hand. You can contribute only to the candidates running in your district (Senate and House). Dave Miramant, as our Senate candidate, needs 175 qualifying contributions. All the House candidates need 60.

    The deadline to qualify is April 20th,
    so please don't wait!
    (today is 23 November)

  • 2016 Election Candidates

    are now on our Candidates page. Note that all our Democratic candidates for Legislature are pending qualification for Maine Clean Elections Act funding.

  • Our March meeting

    was Tuesday, the 8th, and featured:

    * KCDC Chair opening

    Bruce Hodsdon announced that he would not be able to continue as chair after the May meeting. Please talk to Bruce if you or someone you know can lead the group through the November elections (, 372-6535)

    * Candidate announcements for:

    • House District 92: John Spear, Thomaston.
      (District includes: Cushing, S. Thomaston, St. George, Thomaston, Matinicus, Criehaven. Chuck Kruger is termed out.)
    • House District 95: Elinor Goldberg, Hope. (District includes: Appleton, Hope, Union (part), Warren. Gary Sukeforth (U, Union), the incumbent, has decided not to run again.) (3/19 update: Ellie has committed to the November ballot!)

    Spear and Goldberg are asking folks in their districts to contribute $5 to qualify for Clean Elections funding. Online: Go here, click the Contribute button and and enter your address. For a candidate to qualify, 60 contributions of $5 must be made before April 20.

    Recently enrolled Democrat, Sharyn Pohlman, Rockport, declared for Knox County Commissioner, District 3. (District 3 includes: Appleton, Camden, Hope, N. Haven, Rockport, Vinalhaven and the Islands. Roger Moody (D, Camden) is the incumbent.)

    * Lengthy discussion of the caucuses:

    • Straw poll on caucuses vs. primary system: about 50:50 of those present.
    • Knox Co. caucuses ran smoothly in large part.
    • Harry DeLoe volunteered to scan all our caucus paper (over 2,700 docs).
    • Suggestions for improvement:
      • Simplify the absentee ballot system.
      • Add a system for pre-registration.
      • Give caucusers colored cards to assist ballot counting.
      • Improve the form-1 document for easier completion by caucusers and handling by conveners.
      • Get convener packets delivered sooner.
      • Use computers more effectively (e.g., email voter lists for local printing)
      • Snail-mail postcard caucus invitations to town Democrats.

  • We've updated our platform page

    With the latest draft (11 pages).


    We will be updating our caucus page with town-by-town results for Knox County.

  • 03/15 FILING DEADLINE for

    Petitions must be filed with the Secretary of State on or before 5 p.m. on March 15, 2016 (Tuesday).

    The Secretary of State's Candidate Guide has all the scoop.

  • Make Donald Drumpf Again

    Be sure to see John Oliver rip the Republican front runner...hats are rumored to be sold out though (03/09).

    [YouTube video]
  • In other news...

    • March 15 (Tue): Candidate filing deadline
    • May 6 - 7 (Fri - Sat): Maine Democratic State Convention, Portland
    • July 25 - 28 (Mon - Thu): Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia


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