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map The Knox County Democratic Committee (KCDC) is a non-profit local arm of the national Democratic Party, serving the citizens of Knox County, Maine. More...

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NEWS!  (updated: 10.03.2016, 15:17)
Previous month's news

The November election is Over.

  • blackborderheart

    Jean Chalmers has passed away.

    A formidable and beloved Rockland Democrat, she was sorely missed when she moved to New Hampshire in 2007 to be near her son, Adam. Jean was 88.
    ...more at the FreePress.

    A memorial service will be held
    Saturday, Oct. 1, at 3:00 p.m.
    at Adas Yoshuron Synagogue, 50 Willow St., Rockland,
    followed by a reception.
    All community members are welcome.

  • Pam Leach is the winner!

    ...of our raffle. The Rockland Dem wins the trip to Ireland!
    Will she now be changin' her name to O'Leach and plantin' shamrocks?

  • The clouds parted ...

    on Sunday, the 12th, for a wonderful party at Nancy & Pat Davis's lovely home on Owl's Head, to celebrate the eight years of service by our reps Joan Welsh and Chuck Kruger who are both 'termed out'. Honors included a limerick:
    We are losing two reps from the Midcoast
    about whom we are so proud to boast.
    They have served for 8 years,
    the past 6 with some tears,
    and it's hard to know whom we love most.

    We have a gallery of images here.

  • LePageByDanby

    Limerick Contest!

    Okay, folks, time to lighten up a little. Head over to our political limerick contest and lampoon the Guv, the Donald and others. Make fun of the foolishness!

    Send your entries to: our webmaster

  • KCDC's Election Headquarters is Open!

    Harbor Plaza, Rockland (the Mall with Shaws, TJMaxx and Staples).

    Hours are:
    Monday - Friday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
    Saturday: 10:00 - 3:00
    Sunday: 12:30 - 4:00

    The phone is: 594-3911.

    We have lawn signs and literature for our local candidates (free) and Hillary buttons, lawn signs and bumper stickers. There is charge for the Hillary stuff.

  • loosecannon_animated

    Seriously off the rails...

    Rachel Maddow (MSNBC) has the best coverage of LePage's latest, craziest, ugliest, and most incredible rant. Find more Maddow coverage here....

    The Press Herald has the uncensored voicemail and more here...

    Democratic leadership has called for LePage's resignation. The Herald's Eric Russell has the press conference video with Rep. Gattine and Asst. House Majority Leader Sara Gideon, where she said:

    " ...When a leader makes a [threatening] statment like this, it incites violence and invites behavior from other people...

    ...a political intervention means...our sensible and thoughtful Republican friends come together with us to do one of two things: to either make sure that Governor LePage gets the help that he needs, because this kind of behavior is not normal behavior, it is not just not what we expect of our chief executive, our governor, it's also not what we expect of any human being who is functioning normally in society. So we expect them to come together with us to either get him the help that he needs or to remove him from office..." [emphasis ours]

  • Clean Elections Funding

    is a key element to our Legislative candidates' success. As individuals we provide the $5 contributions to the Maine Clean Elections fund that qualify each of them for public funding of their campaigns.

    Candidates qualify for additional funds when new supporters in their districts make contributions. For details see our Clean Elections page.

    You may refer friends and neighbors to our simple referral page:

    which is easy to write on paper, type into a browser, and links directly to the Maine Ethics Commission contribute page.

    Note that all our Democratic candidates for Legislature have qualified for Maine Clean Elections Act funding. See our Candidates page.


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