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map The Knox County Democratic Committee (KCDC) is a non-profit local arm of the national Democratic Party, serving the citizens of Knox County, Maine. More...

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NEWS!  (updated: 01.06.2017, 16:41)
Previous month's news

  • The unthinkable happened. Trump won...

    ...but the sun did come up on Wednesday morning. Now we must re-double our resolve to win back the state and federal governments from those who would destroy those institutions and our country. That effort starts now.

  • Detailed results are slow in coming.

    The apparent status of our Knox County races:

    • Senate District 12: Dave Miramant (D) over Emery (R)
    • Senate District 13: Dow (R) over Chris Johnson (D)
    • House 91: Simmons (R) over Emily Trask-Eaton (D)
    • House 92: John Spear (D) over Sleeper (R)
    • House 93: Anne Beebe-Center (D) over Robishaw (R)
    • House 94: Casas (U) over Kathleen Meil (D)
    • House 95: Sutton (R) over Ellie Goldberg (D)

    The Bangor Daily has some dubious numbers here. Check back for updates.

  • Moving Day is Saturday, Nov 12, 10:00 a.m.

    Folks with pickups and trailers, please muster at Headquarters to move our stuff to the storage locker in Warren. Many hands make light work; with enough vehicles and people, we could finish by noon-time.

  • Lawn signs are now litter.

    Please pick up our candidates' signs, especially in the public right-of-way and hold them until we can post open times at HQ for dropoff. Please do not leave signs at HQ on the sidewalk.


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