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Elected Representatives

The current incumbents:

National offices:

State offices:

  • Governor
    Paul R. LePage (R)
  • Senate, District 12 (All of Knox Co., except Washington)
    Dave Miramant (D - Camden)
  • Senate, District 13 (Washington)
    Dana Dow (R - Waldoboro)
  • Representative, District 91 (Friendship, Union(part), Washington, Waldoboro)
    Abden Simmons (R - Waldoboro)
  • Representative, District 92 (Cushing, S. Thomaston, St. George, Thomaston, Matinicus, Criehaven)
    John A. Spear (D - S. Thomaston)
  • Representative, District 93 (Owls Head, Rockland)
    Pinny Beebe-Center (D - Rockland)
  • Representative, District 94 (Camden, Rockport, Isleboro)
    Owen D. Casas (U - Rockport)
  • Representative, District 95 (Appleton, Hope, Union(part), Warren)
    Paula G. Sutton (R, Warren)
  • Representative, District 134 (Isle au Haut, N. Haven, Vinalhaven)
    Walter Kumiega (D - Deer Isle)

Elected county offices and links:

  • Knox County Sheriff: Donna Dennison (D)
  • District Attorney: 6th District, for Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Waldo Counties. Geoffery Rushlau (R).
  • County commissioners
    • District 1: Owls Head, Rockland, S. Thomaston, and Thomaston (expires 2014). Carol Maines, (D) Rockland.
    • District 2: Cushing, Friendship, St. George, Union, Warren and Washington (expires 2016). Richard L. Parent, Jr., (R) Warren
    • District 3 Appleton, Camden, Hope, N. Haven, Rockport, Vinalhaven and the Islands. Sharyn L. Pohlman, (D) Camden.

Locate your reps through the Secretary of State's web page:


Confused about how Knox County towns and legislative districts line up?

Redistricting in 2013 resulted in changes state-wide. For Knox County the new districts are shown in the accompanying map.

Here's the new district map that pertained for the 2014 elections and beyond: map

With the 2013 reapportionment (LD 1557), Union will be split between districts 91 and 95, and Owl's Head will lie wholly within district 93. Basically, Union residents west of the lakes are in district 91; everyone else is in district 95. The boundary runs south from the Appleton town line along the east shore of Sennebec Pond, south on the St. George River to Route 17, then west on Route 17 to Clary Hill Road, then south on Clary Hill Road to Rabbit Farm Road whence south to the Warren town line.

This map (1.6 MB) will help residents and candidates better to understand how Union is divided between Districts 91 and 95.

last modified: 01.10.2017

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